The Basic Structures You Should Know Before You Buy Your Hair Topper

Release time:2023-08-08 13:58

When purchasing a hair topper, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Toppers have different features that offer choices and customization options to the wearer depending on their particular needs.

Read our guide below to break down topper features and help you get an idea of what type of topper you prefer.

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               How To Attach And Maintain Hair Toppers For Beginners?

  • Knot

Knotting is a process done when making a hair top or wig to secure strands of hair to the base.

A single knot is achieved by tying a single knot to secure a strand of hair to the base.

A double knot is achieved by using two or more hair strands and attaching them to the base....

  • Monofilament Base

Mono-base toppers consist of a translucent mesh into which individual strands of hair are hand-tied to mimic natural hair growth. This can be single layer or double layer.

  • Silk Top Base

The silk top is the most realistic base yet. The base is made of a layer of lace and a layer of skin colored silk, giving it a scalp-like feel. The top knot is hidden under the silk layer. The hair has a silky material running through it, giving the impression that the hair is actually growing out of the scalp.

  • Lace base

lace base consists of individually attached hairs to a lightweight and breathable lace material.

  • Polyurethane/PU

PU, short for polyurethane, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as silicone. It is a flexible, strong, transparent material used to make wig caps (injected into the hair) or placed around the perimeter of a wig to provide an area to attach adhesive or clips.

If you are having a hard time deciding which top cover is right for you, we offer online and in-salon consultations. During the consultation, we can discuss the various options with you in detail. Contact us for more information: