How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats White Hair?

Release time:2023-08-03 13:55

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats White Hair?

White hair is generally considered to be a result of the gradual decline of the body's functions, deficiency of Qi, blood, and essence, leading to the inability to nourish the hair and causing it to turn white. Usually, it starts from the neck and gradually spreads to the entire head, which is a normal physiological change in old age. The formation of white hair is mainly related to the amount of pigment particles present in the hair's cortex and medulla. If there are many pigment particles, the hair will be black and lustrous, while if there are few pigment particles, the hair will appear white and lackluster. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that it is related to deficiency of essence and blood, as well as Qi stagnation and blood stasis. Internal medication can be used for treatment, as follows:

Cook black sesame and rice together into a porridge and consume it regularly.

Take 500g of black beans, add a little salt, steam them nine times, and sun-dry them nine times. Store in a bottle and take 6g twice daily, regularly.

Prepare a decoction of 12g of Dong Quai, 12g of White Peony, 10g of Chuan Xiong, 12g of Shu Di Huang, 5 pieces of White Mulberry Fruit, 9g of He Shou Wu, and 10g of Mulberry Leaf. Drink one dose daily.

Combine 50g of walnuts, 50g of goji berries, 500g of small black beans or large black beans, 60g of He Shou Wu, 50g of Shu Di Huang, and 50g of Chinese Dogwood Fruit. First, cook goji berries, He Shou Wu, Shu Di Huang, and Chinese Dogwood Fruit together in water. Then, take the juice and continue to cook until the walnuts become soft and mushy, and all absorbed by the black beans. Take out and let it dry for consumption. Take 6-9g twice daily on an empty stomach.

Prepare a decoction of 15g of raw Rehmannia, 15g of White Clematis, 12g of Red Peony, 12g of Moutan Bark, 12g of Dried Rehmannia Root, 12g of Mulberry Mistletoe, 9g of Tangerine Peel, 12g of Cyperus Rhizome, 12g of Polygala Root, 12g of Cistanche, and 12g of Mimosa Bark. Drink one dose every night.

Wash black sesame seeds, sun-dry them, and then stir-fry them with gentle heat. Grind them into powder and mix with an equal amount of white sugar. Store the mixture in a bottle and take two spoonfuls with warm water in the morning and evening.

These are the internal remedies for treating white hair. It is essential to address the root cause and nourish the body from within.