Nourish Oily Scalps and Dry Ends With This Simple Method

Release time:2023-08-01 17:46

Nourish Oily Scalps and Dry Ends With This Simple Method

Many suffer from oily scalps yet dry, frizzy ends. Unbalanced oil production can lead to dreaded hair loss. Like facial skin, the scalp naturally secretes protective oils. Over-cleansing disrupts this balance. Proper techniques and tools are key to managing combination hair.

Choose Products Wisely, But Technique Matters More

First, opt for a silicone-free, oil-controlling shampoo. Avoid over-shampooing and lather sufficiently by hand to prevent residue buildup that exacerbates oiliness. When conditioning, focus only on ends and rinse thoroughly.

Brushing Is More Important Than Washing For Mixed Textures

Simply shampooing is not enough for healthy, manageable hair. Brushing right is critical. Many lovely locks have been ruined by harsh plastic bristles. After trying a superior brush, I could never go back!

Most don't realize bristles are the main cause of physical damage. Friction and pulling from brushes break down protective cuticles, affecting shine and smoothness.

The sensitive scalp poorly tolerates stiff plastic or wooden bristles. They irritate follicles, encouraging more oil production, clogging, inflammation and hair loss. Clearly, superlative brushes are indispensable for lustrous hair, not just quality shampooing.

The Bathfeeling Anti-Hair Loss Boar Bristle Brush is an aristocratic European hair treasure that delivers transformative results.

Boar Bristles

Considered The Ultimate Hair Care Material

Boar bristle haircare dates back to the 16th century, adeptly detangling elaborate wigs and curls of nobility while brightening hair. The bristles also absorbed scalp oils and dirt, invaluable for the infrequently bathing elite.

Even Empress Dowager Cixi utilized pure boar bristle brushes to nurture her locks, demonstrating their time-honored ability to massage, de-static, degrease and purify for centuries.

Boar bristles are gentle, flexible and varied in length to provide low scalp pressure unlike sparse flat brushes. By lightly sweeping away excess oil around follicles, they leave the scalp refreshed and clear without promoting further oiliness like plastic. Those prone to oily hair should try this game-changing boar bristle brush.

Better Your Hair Simply By Choosing A Superior Brush

Under magnification, boar bristles share near identical scale structure to human hair. Their durable cuticles smoothly seal and realign damaged hair cuticles through friction. Bristles also transfer beneficial scalp oils down dry lengths while sealing cuticles for boosted shine and smoothness.

By leveraging the body’s natural oils without chemical additions, hair becomes conditioned and vibrant. This human-mimetic brush lets your innate oils become your best hair treatment. Dull, oily hair can transform simply by switching to the right boar bristle brush.

In summary, the unique oil redistribution and cuticle-sealing abilities of boar bristles make them ideal for managing combination oily scalp and dry ends issues without harsh cleansing. Improve hair texture and minimize oiliness with this time-tested solution.