5 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Hair Non-Greasy and Frizz-Free!

Release time:2023-08-01 17:45

5 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Hair Non-Greasy and Frizz-Free!

A few days ago, we recommended a hair care product used by Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng's family, designed for those with "oily scalp and dry ends," gently removing excess scalp oil and preventing hair loss.

Many girls showed interest, and some fairies who tried it found it worth a shot.

Irregular daily routines, frequent late nights, and a weakness for spicy and greasy foods can lead to oily hair. Especially in this hot and rainy season, dealing with oily scalp can be even more uncomfortable.

But my hair seems dry and frizzy...

What's most troubling is that excess scalp oil can lead to abnormal hair loss. When sebum secretion is excessive or blocked, it can cause folliculitis, which is one of the common reasons for hair loss (seborrheic folliculitis, seborrheic alopecia).

It reminds me of the fear dominated by Eason Chan's hairline over the years!!

Some people around you care about your hairline... Okay, today I'll talk about scalp oil and hair dryness care issues.

Scalp oil is a sebum-related problem, just like facial oil. It is a self-protective barrier of the skin. Over-cleaning can also disrupt sebum balance.

▎Selecting the right hair care products is crucial, but how you use them matters even more!

First, choose a non-silicone oil-control shampoo. Avoid using too much shampoo and make sure to fully lather it in your hands before applying it to your hair. Residual shampoo can also contribute to oiliness. As for conditioner, avoid applying it to the scalp and rinse thoroughly.

▎For those with dual hair conditions, combing is more important than washing

Washing your hair isn't the end of the story for having beautiful and healthy hair. Combing is a more critical step. Many good hair ends have been ruined by a plastic comb. I don't want to go back to those frustrating days when combing my hair caused it to fall out in large amounts.

To be honest, I used to be indifferent to this aspect, but when I used this comb, I was pleasantly surprised! After using this excellent comb, going back to ordinary combs is simply intolerable!

Most people may not realize that combing is the main cause of physical damage to hair. Combing can damage the cuticles on the outermost layer of the hair.

The beauty of hair largely depends on the health of the outermost cuticles. Healthy cuticles are intact and smooth, resulting in smooth and glossy hair, while damaged cuticles lead to frizzy hair.

The hair follicles on the scalp are incredibly sensitive. Using a wooden comb or current hard plastic combs can easily stimulate the follicles to produce more sebum, clogging the follicles and leading to folliculitis and hair loss.

Therefore, to have smooth and shiny hair, it's not enough to focus on washing and conditioning. Choosing a good comb is essential.

The comb I'm talking about is the Bathfeeling Anti-Hair Loss Boar Bristle Wood Comb. It's a hair care tool favored by European nobles!

Boar bristle is considered the best material for hair care. The history of using boar bristle combs for hair care dates back to the 16th century. Stiff boar bristles can easily untangle wigs and curly hair (just imagine how nobles styled their curly hair back then).

Using a boar bristle comb not only makes hair shiny but also cleans the scalp of oil and dirt. It was considered a treasure by the European nobles who were not fond of bathing.

Even Empress Dowager Cixi used a pure boar bristle comb to massage her hair, reduce static, remove oil and dirt. You also need such a powerful boar bristle comb.

Boar bristles are fine, firm, and compared to combs with few teeth, boar bristle combs exert minimal pressure on the scalp follicles and have no hard feel, effectively preventing excessive sebum secretion.

Different lengths of bristles function like small cleaning brushes, removing excess oil around the scalp follicles and leaving them clean and comfortable. With regular use of the boar bristle comb, hair loss can be effectively improved.

If your hair often gets greasy, and you need to wash it almost every day, you must try this boar bristle comb.

To change the condition of your hair, all you need to do is switch to a good comb!

Through microscopic observation, the structure of boar bristle cuticles is nearly identical to human hair cuticles.

The boar bristle cuticles are tough and, when rubbing against damaged hair cuticles, help them close up.

Boar bristles carry scalp oil to the originally dry hair, and the hair cuticles close. At this point, the hair not only becomes smoother but also more lustrous.

By effectively utilizing the natural sebum secretion, without any chemical additives, people around you will notice that your hair quality has improved. This is probably the best natural hair care product you can have.