Can Gold Bracelets and Jade Bangles Be Worn Together?@human hair wigs

Release time:2023-07-28 17:49

Can Gold Bracelets and Jade Bangles Be Worn Together?@human hair wigs

Yes, they can be worn together, but it is not recommended.

Jade bangles and gold bracelets are not advised to be worn together because they are made of different materials. Jade bangles have a hard but brittle texture, while gold bracelets have a lower hardness. Wearing them together can lead to collisions and damage to their respective textures, affecting their original quality and appearance. It's better to wear them separately.

For the best maintenance, it's preferable to keep jade bangles and gold bracelets separate. Regarding jade bangles, even though they have high hardness, they are also prone to fragility. Avoid contact with hard objects and never exert force, as it may lead to damage. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential for both items, considering their higher value. Handle them with care, take them off before sleeping or bathing, and avoid contact with chemicals like perfume, body wash, shampoo, and cleaning agents, as long-term exposure can darken their surface. Also, avoid getting them dirty with oil; if they get dirty, promptly clean them with a towel.

The Tradition of Wearing Jade on the Left and Gold on the Right Hand

Health: From the perspective of traditional health preservation, the left hand is closest to the heart, while the right hand is closer to the liver. Jade has a warm texture, and people believe that wearing a jade bangle on the left hand can better protect the heart. Long-term wearing can provide a certain massage effect and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Warding off Evil: In ancient China, Feng Shui was highly regarded. The Chinese culture values the left side as noble. In Buddhism, the left hand is considered the clean hand. Jade has a pure and delicate texture, and wearing a jade bangle is believed to ward off evil and eliminate negative energy within the body. People think that wearing a jade bangle on the left hand can ward off evil, while wearing a gold bangle on the right hand symbolizes inviting wealth.

Blessing: Jade bangles are less prone to damage on the left hand, while the right hand is often engaged in labor and movement, making it suitable for wearing a gold bracelet. Jade has been used as a protective amulet since ancient times. Wearing jade on the left hand and gold on the right symbolizes attracting wealth and blessings for a smooth and fortunate life.

Benefits of Jade Bangle Maintenance

Over time, the body's oils or sweat may seep into the jade or jadeite, making them appear more transparent than before, and the colors may appear more vibrant. This is a normal phenomenon, which is why people say that jade becomes more lively and translucent with prolonged wearing. It's like a piece of opaque paper that becomes more transparent when a drop of oil is applied. However, jade bangles need proper care; if stored for a long time, they may dry out and develop more cracks. While color ions follow the law of energy conservation, different textures can indeed affect color expression due to wearing. Especially for colors and textures like ordinary white base green, ordinary purple jade bangles, tricolor jade bangles, and Four Blessings jade bangles, even if they are of high quality, long-term wearing on the body can cause slight changes in the crystal lattice, resulting in color alterations. Generally, A-grade jade may become greener with prolonged wearing.