How to treat the problem of student plastic surgery

Release time:2023-11-22 16:28

How to treat the problem of student plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is popular among students

Xiao Liu, who just graduated from university last year, was accompanied by her mother to the hospital to do "mandibular" surgery. In order to find a satisfactory job, since November last year, Xiao Liu has participated in more than a dozen large-scale job fairs. When she went to a small company to apply for a business representative on the website, she was politely refused by the examiner on the grounds that it was "difficult to represent the company's image", so Xiao Liu chose to undergo plastic surgery.

Liu's surgery lasted about an hour, and for the first 20 minutes, doctors carefully sculpted the silicone prosthesis according to Liu's needs. At this time, Xiao Liu is still constantly communicating with the doctor, hoping that the chin can be pointed after good, just like Zhou Xun's beautiful. After the prosthesis is carved, the doctor is ready to inject Xiao Liu with anesthetic. Looking at the syringe, Xiao Liu closed his eyes and clenched his hands together. The moment the needle pierced his mouth, Xiao Liu began to tremble because of pain and fear, and his hands tightly grasped his mother's hand. The operation ended successfully, Xiao Liu who walked down the operating table breathed a sigh of relief. Under the influence of anesthetic drugs, pain has not yet exerted its power. For the next few days, Liu could only eat liquid food in order to prevent the wound from becoming infected. But when Liu thinks of her more beautiful self after removing the gauze, she says the pain is bearable.

Like Liu, Zheng, a third-year college student at a film and television college in Beijing, did not go back to her hometown to visit her parents or travel to the mountains and rivers this winter vacation. Instead of participating in social practice or reviewing her lessons, she spent the winter vacation alone at school. Instead, she underwent three facial plastic surgeries - opening eyes, enhancing cheekbones and shaving cheeks. Xiao Zheng underwent plastic surgery not because she was not beautiful, she was called a "beauty" from a young age. Because when you want to be an actor in the future, "of course, you must have a perfect appearance to present to the audience."

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, Zheng has her own opinion, she said: "I think beauty is a kind of politeness, makeup is not polite to others? Is plastic surgery just a permanent makeover? Modern society values individuality, and plastic surgery is a lifestyle choice. We have done no harm to society. We don't need others' approval, but others shouldn't criticize us."

In talking with these students who have done plastic surgery, I found that behind their calm treatment of plastic surgery, there are still many taboo, so there are so many students choose to do plastic surgery during the holiday.

An important reason for cosmetic surgery is job hunting

It is understood that college students who choose plastic surgery like Xiao Liu and Xiao Zheng are between the ages of 19 and 22, with seniors as the main body. During the last two winter holidays, the number of students undergoing cosmetic surgery increased by 30 to 40 percent compared with normal times, of which girls accounted for two-thirds. Many of them do come because they consider employment, job hunting and other factors, and this trend has also appeared this year, most of them are graduates who study art, design and foreign languages.

If the fierce competition makes some college students have the idea of taking shortcuts, then the demanding appearance of candidates on the talent market has touched the nerve of college students' winter plastic surgery to some extent. Now many recruitment units are in related positions on the image of job seekers put forward the "image temperament", "slim, beautiful" requirements.

More important than plastic surgery is heart rectification

Cong Zhong, a professor at the Institute of Mental Health of Peking University, said that on the positive side, it reflects that modern society has begun to attach importance to personal values and the pursuit of beauty, which is a manifestation of social progress. On the negative side, it reflects the impetuous mentality of modern young people, and down-to-earth efforts are no longer important; If you are more beautiful, whether it is the level of social respect, future job opportunities and courtship opportunities, it will change.

Ugly duckling into a white swan is not to say that plastic surgery can be done, and it is not necessarily through plastic surgery to achieve, parents and teachers should actively guide and establish students' aesthetic values:

First, the "white swan" is beautiful because of self-confidence. Even if the appearance is good, but lack of self-confidence, it can only be an "ugly duckling" forever.

Second, establishing self-confidence is based on a broad connotation, not a short, quick "beauty" can be achieved. If young people want to add weight to success, they must first lay the foundation of scientific culture and cultivation quality.

Third, behind each halo, even if the innate conditions are favorable, it is inseparable from the struggle, hard work and sweat of the day after tomorrow.