When is the best time to have plastic surgery

Release time:2023-11-22 16:27

When is the best time to have plastic surgery

At present, some hospitals have scheduled surgery has exploded 60 to 70 percent higher than usual, the holiday plastic surgery market is surprisingly good, in addition to the daily whitening, skin rejuvenation, eyebrow tattooing, nose augmentation a class of small surgery continues to rise, the holiday hot spot is to remove wrinkles, breast augmentation, facial plastic this kind of major surgery that takes time to recover.

The majority of women who like cosmetic surgery are middle and high income earners, among which private owners are the most, followed by young women who hope to bring love, career and other opportunities by changing their appearance. In recent years, the growing number of cosmetic plastic consumer groups and the rapid progress of cosmetic plastic technology are worth rejoicing.

Don't stay up late after surgery and pay attention to rest

Long vacation is a good opportunity for cosmetic surgery, but you must not blindly follow the beauty trend. Facial masks, whitening and the like are not overcrowded, but plastic surgery should definitely be careful - good doctors operate too much during the big holiday, once there is an error, consumers will regret for life. If you can beat the rush, why not?"

Doctors advise: "The use of seven days of holiday cosmetic surgery is indeed a smart choice, but must be fully estimated of their own characteristics, blindly pursuing the so-called star like breast enhancement, buttocks, big eyes will let people fall into a stereotypical beauty pattern, the effect will backfire."

For plastic surgery, we must choose a hospital with good qualifications and good reputation, and communicate with doctors. Do not stay up late after the operation, pay attention to rest, to facilitate recovery; Because of the number of people who go to the hospital during the holiday, the doctor may not be able to take care of it, so it is also best to prepare some antibiotics to prevent infection.

The Spring Festival is also a good opportunity to shape the inner beauty, may wish to pursue spiritual consumption and rich cultural edification, spend a real "beautiful holiday".