What causes blackheads? How to effectively remove blackheads?

Release time:2023-11-13 14:13

What causes blackheads? How to effectively remove blackheads? Many people have密密麻麻 little blackheads on their noses, commonly known as strawberry noses. So what causes strawberry noses? Why do blackheads grow? How should we effectively remove blackheads? Let's take a look together. The process of blackhead formation Due to hardened sebum obstruction, the pores are blocked, and the pores cannot be discharged in time, resulting in excessive stimulation in the nose and other parts, forming black spots in the nose and other parts, which are called sebum obstruction. What causes blackheads? 1. Excessive cleaning of the skin Some MM wash their faces frequently,卸妆, etc., resulting in skin tightness and dryness, easy peeling, and damaged skin surface, which can easily cause abnormal keratin metabolism or aging, allowing blackheads to take advantage of the opportunity. 2. Frequent squeezing acne/whiteheads When there are acne or whiteheads on the face, some people habitually squeeze them out, not only leaving ugly acne marks, but also expanding pores, causing pores to become blocked, resulting in blackheads. 3. Incomplete卸妆 Incomplete卸妆 will leave cosmetic residue on the skin, which can cause pores to become blocked, and slowly lead to the appearance of blackheads. 4. Not paying attention to sunscreen Sun exposure is the biggest enemy of our skin. If we are exposed to the sun for too long, ultraviolet rays will cause abnormal cell metabolism in the skin, causing connective tissue to lose elasticity, resulting in various blackening phenomena. How to effectively remove blackheads? 1. Milk salt to remove blackheads_hair milos forman First, need a pack of edible salt, pour the salt into a glass cup, add a few drops of milk, stir well. The salt in the glass cup is in a semi-soluble state, apply适量 of milk salt to the nose, which can achieve the effect of removing blackheads. tips: For MM who use milk salt to remove blackheads, pay attention, if you have acne, skin wounds and sensitive skin, you should not use this method. 2. Pearl powder to remove blackheads First, choose internal pearl powder and capsules, pour the capsules open and put the right amount of pearl powder in a glass cup. Then add适量 purified water to the glass cup to dilute, mix into a paste, apply the prepared pearl powder paste evenly to the blackhead area, and apply it once in the morning and evening. It can effectively remove skin keratin and remove blackhead skin problems. 3. Essence to remove blackheads First, squeeze out about 3 drops of essence in the palm of your hand, dip your食指 and middle finger in the essence, apply it to the nose blackhead area, and massage for 5 minutes. Finally, wipe clean with a tissue. 4. Removal of blackheads with卸妆 oil steps First, keep your face and hands clean and清爽, then dip适量 of卸妆 oil in the palm of your hand, and massage from inside to outside, especially focusing on the nose area. Massage for a few minutes, and then use a small amount of water on the face to continue massaging and emulsifying, until the卸妆 oil turns into a milky white emulsion. Then use a facial cleanser to clean the face, remove the remaining卸妆 oil, facial cleanser and角质 gel on the face, and then apply a pore shrinking water. 5. Oatmeal nose mask Method: Mix oatmeal and适量 water into a paste. Apply to the skin of the nose and massage for 5 minutes. Use a cleanser to clean the face, remove the残留在 the face, and apply a收缩毛孔 water. Effects: Can effectively remove blackheads and surface dead skin, and also have the functions of cleansing and收缩毛孔. 6. Green tea nose mask Method: Mix适量 green tea powder, corn flour and yogurt, stir into mud. Apply to the skin of the nose for 20 minutes, and finally wash with water. Effects: Can收缩毛孔, remove blackheads, and have the functions of anti-aging and multiple skincare.