What if I don't have enough milk? Insist that your baby suck to stimulate milk production

Release time:2023-11-11 11:32

What if I don't have enough milk? Insist that your baby suck to stimulate milk production

Abstract: The International Breastfeeding Action Alliance (WABA) designated August 1-7 as "World Breastfeeding Week" to promote the public's correct understanding of the importance of breastfeeding, the whole society actively encourage and support breastfeeding, and expand the scope of breastfeeding. Create a social atmosphere that loves babies and mothers. The International Breastfeeding Action Coalition (WABA) has designated August 1-7 as World Breastfeeding Week to promote public awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. The whole society actively encourages and supports breastfeeding, broadens the connotation of breastfeeding, and creates a social atmosphere of loving babies and loving mothers.

Breast milk is the best baby food

For new mothers who have just given birth, in the first week before the baby is born, the milk is indeed less, but at this time the baby needs less, so mothers do not need to be particularly anxious, let alone add formula, insist on giving the baby every time. Breast feeding, milk will be more and more abundant. We all know that breast milk is the best baby food, so exclusive breastfeeding from 0 to 6 months will bring great benefits to your baby.

If the baby's weight growth is not ideal, not according to the normal growth curve as scheduled, we can judge breast milk is indeed insufficient according to these objective factors, you can take some measures, such as increasing the mother's sleep time, maintain a happy mood, and more balanced nutrition. Check to see if there are any problems with milk production during the feeding process.

How to boost milk production

1, let the baby suck more

Babies can usually be breastfed within an hour of birth. At first, the mother's milk is not a lot, but do not worry about the baby's milk is not enough, because the newborn drinks not much milk each time, there is no hurry to add milk powder. As the baby's appetite increases, the baby sucks more and more, and the mother's milk will also increase.

2. Massage your breasts

There are many methods of breast prolactin massage, here is the first one: First, the mother uses both hands to gently push the mammary duct around the breast to the nipple to promote blood circulation and dredge the mammary duct. If there is a hard lump in the breast, it should be pushed in the direction of the soft lump until the whole breast is soft. Finally, squeeze around the areola with your thumb and index finger for more efficient lactation.

In addition to prolactin massage, hot compress the breast within half an hour before lactation also helps to promote blood circulation inside the breast, speed up the flow of milk, and let the baby drink milk smoothly.

3, insist on night feeding

Night is an important time for milk production. A good rest for mother is also helpful for milk secretion. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the baby can eat, but also to ensure that he can sleep.

Not getting enough rest for the body and brain can also affect milk production. Night feedings are hard. Bao Ma often can't sleep all night, and even wakes up several times in the middle of the night. At night, even if the mother needs to get up to nurse a few times, she must fall asleep quickly after the baby has eaten milk. During the day, the baby fell asleep, the mother also rested, the baby woke up to eat. Recovering sleep also helps with milk production.

In addition, in rare cases, determining breast milk may not be enough, so adding formula at this time does not mean giving up breastfeeding. Although formula may be added, it is still necessary to give the child a time to inhale. If you do not suck, the longer the interval, the less breast milk will be secreted, so no matter how much breast milk you have, be sure to stick to it. Breastfeeding is very important for the child's body, growth and development, for the child's mental health, and for the mother's physical health.