How to prevent chapped skin at home for the holidays? These methods are very practical

Release time:2023-11-10 17:11

How to prevent chapped skin at home for the holidays? These methods are very practical

In the blink of an eye, it is the Spring Festival, I believe that many people have embarked on the journey home. However, the home environment may be different from the city where you live, the temperature is relatively low, and the symptoms of chapped skin also appear.

So what can we do to keep our skin from getting chapped when we get home for the holidays?

1. Wash your hands with warm water

Try to use warm water when washing hands, do not use too hot water or too cold water, too hot water will lead to the skin soon dry, too cold water is easy to produce frostbite on the hands, both of which will cause the skin to crack, so wash hands or use warm water is better, but also play a role in whitening and moisturizing.

2. Use soap sparingly

Soap to oil is relatively strong, if you wash your hands with soap, will wash off the oil on the surface of the hand, and those oils are used to protect the hands, can not wash too clean, otherwise, the skin loss of moisture is easy to lead to chapping, you can choose other alternative things to wash your hands.

3. Apply skin cream

The temperature is too low it is easy to make the human body frostbite, you can apply a layer of skin cream on the skin surface, which can isolate the influence of cold air on the skin, play a role in protecting the skin, thereby reducing the production of chapped skin.

4, diet conditioning

Diet conditioning is also an effective way to prevent chapped skin, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, because fruits and vegetables have nutrients that can promote skin health, eat more fruits and vegetables, not only good for the skin, but also a great help to the health of the body.

5. Exercise more

Exercise can make the human body produce a lot of heat, which is distributed from the inside out, which can maintain the vitality of the skin and promote the effective circulation of blood. It can not only effectively prevent the skin from cracking, but also play a role in whitening the skin to a certain extent. Moreover, it can also improve the resistance of the body and skin and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

6. Don't blow cold air

Winter weather is more severe, sometimes the cold wind is like a knife on the body, so it is recommended that you try not to go out when the cold wind is strong, reduce the direct contact between the skin and the cold air, because the human body is relatively fragile, the skin and the outside cold air direct contact will accelerate the skin chapping.

The Spring Festival is the day of reunion, while celebrating the festival, we must pay attention to good health, not because of physical reasons and lead to bad mood. These small methods can effectively prevent the occurrence of chapped skin, but also to promote the health of the body, I hope that everyone can be used in daily life, so that you can take a healthy body as the capital, a happy reunion. If the skin appears dry and cracked phenomenon, do not worry, timely medical treatment can also be effective.