Give the child a timely supplement in autumn

Release time:2023-11-08 17:19

Give the child a timely supplement in autumn

1. Timely supplement

Primary and secondary school students heavy homework, parents can let children eat peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and other foods, because they are rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, help restore mental and physical strength, as well as the effect of healthy imagination and brain.

In addition, children reading time is too long, the eyes are easy to fatigue, can eat more carrots, animal liver and kidney, oysters, red dates, wolfberry and other foods rich in vitamin A, in order to reduce the consumption of photosensitive substances on the retina rhodopsin, prevent vision loss.

2. Less spicy and more sour

The so-called less xin, is to eat less spicy food, is to prevent lung qi too full. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lung qi is too full, will damage the function of the liver, so in the autumn to "increase acid", in order to increase the function of the liver, resist the invasion of excessive lung qi.

According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine nutrition, in the autumn, we must eat less spicy onion, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other spicy products, and eat more sour fruits and vegetables.

3. Pay attention to balanced diet and adjust nutritional recipes

Children's diets should be adequate in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein to ensure sufficient quantity, quality, more than half of the food mainly from animal protein or soy products. To meet the needs of children's accelerated growth and intellectual development, improve disease resistance.

School-age children eat more brain-boosting foods, such as fish, soy products, lean meat, eggs, milk, fresh vegetables, melons and fruits. To correct the poor eating habits of children who are partial and picky, try to eat less fatty meat, fried food, pickled food, etc., to achieve the alternating collocation of coarse grains and fine grains, and pay attention to the diversification of food choices.