Nutritious Meals for Preschool Children_hair milos forman

Release time:2023-10-19 17:21

Nutritious Meals for Preschool Children_hair milos forman

During the scorching summer season when temperatures soar, children are more prone to heat accumulation due to their inability to dissipate heat efficiently. This can lead to heat-related illnesses. If the temperature exceeds 35°C (95°F), exposing a child's skin to direct sunlight can increase their body temperature rather than providing relief, making them susceptible to heat-related problems. Therefore, in addition to physical cooling measures, it's essential for parents to pay attention to their child's diet.

Dietary Considerations for Children in the Summer:

Light and Balanced Diet: Try to keep the food light and low in oil. Avoid fried foods and ensure a good intake of high-quality proteins like breast milk, dairy products (yogurt, cheese), fish, lean meats, legumes, and eggs.

Nutrient-Rich Legumes and Starches: Especially in the summer, consider giving children dishes with legumes. For example, you can prepare mung bean and rice, or mung bean and cornmeal rice. You can also make mung bean porridge and add rice, millet, or cornmeal to it. In addition, you can create dishes using starchy vegetables, such as making potato-based porridge with rice or cornmeal for your child.

Variety in Diet: Prepare diverse and colorful foods to attract children to meals. Summer offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables. Choose a rainbow of fresh vegetables and incorporate them into your child's diet. Also, make use of the abundance of seasonal fruits for additional snacks, but try to avoid fruits that are out of season. Additionally, noodles are a good option for kids in the summer. Dishes like noodle soup, sesame sauce noodles, fried sauce noodles, and egg and tomato soup noodles are appealing. Stuffed foods like dumplings, wontons, buns, and vegetable patties allow you to sneak in vegetables along with lean meats, fish, shrimp, and eggs, ensuring a balanced diet.

Stay Hydrated: Water is crucial for a child's growth and development. In the scorching summer, children lose a significant amount of water due to perspiration. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that children drink plenty of water, preferably warm water. It's not recommended to give children soft drinks, and parents should not wait for children to express thirst. Since children's systems are still developing, and their language skills are not fully developed, parents should provide water at regular intervals, even if it results in a certain amount of urine every day. The color of the urine should remain pale yellow or clear.

In conclusion, providing a well-balanced and hydrating diet is essential for children during the summer to keep them healthy and comfortable in hot weather.