How I sleep in my wigs ?

Release time:2023-10-16 15:52

How I sleep in my wigs ?

More and more woman would like to wear human hair wigs wearing human hair wigs can provide their good looking. Some girls would like to wear her wig all the day even when she go to bed in the night. so if you want to know can we sleeping while wearing your human hair wigs. This blog will explain all what you

The kinds of the human hair wig

Now there are lace front wig and full lace wig in the hair market. What is lace front wig? Lace front wig which the lace is from ear to ear in the forhead with the hair extensions. However the full lace wig will has lager lace area. it will cover the full head and it maked by 100% human hair hand made. No matter the lace front wig and the full lace wig they all made by 100% virgin human hair bundles with cloure. They sew in with original cuticle in the same direction make sure it’s strong enough.

Why we would like to sleeping with human hair wig?

  1. It will be more convenice do not takes the time to remove the wig. And can reduce the damage by proper way to take the human hair wig down.
  2. Wear the human hair wig while sleeping in the night it can makes the women more confidence.
  3. if you help you save lots time to make up in morning, especially in the working days when you hurry to work.

The advantage to sleeping with human hair wigs

  1. when you sleeping with wig, the hair will touch with the pillow closely, it will make the hair frizzy and tangle. Especially for curly lace front wig or deep wave front wig
  2. If people pay more attention to their wig, it may be you have sleepless.
  3. As you wear the human hair wigs all the way, so you need to wash the wig frequently. It will reduce the life span of the wig
  4. Sleeping in a human hair wig it will puts stress on your hair and scalp, can not let you sclap relax at night.

How to sleep with human hair wig in a right way

We all know that human hair wig all made by 100% virgin human hair, the cost is really expensive. we all want our own wig keeps longer. Here are some tips may helps you.

  1. You can prepared one “sleeping wigs” which you only wear it in the night in order to keep the good appearance in your family.
  2. You are use one silk pillow that will be reduce the frictios between hair and pillows.
  3. If you have the long inch human hair wig, you can do a style and braid it up.
  4. You spray argan oil to protect the human hair wig the next day moring

Wish this blogs can helps you, if you have any questions about the human hair wigs, you can leave the commons bloew freely.