How to Apply A Lace Wig With Natural Look

Release time:2023-10-09 14:37

How to Apply A Lace Wig With Natural Look

When you walk on the street, you will see that most of black women wear human hair lace wig. Some of the women choose applying lace wig in order to improve their own appearance. Lace wig can help them change their hairstyle and hair color. It is flexible for applying lace wig. However do you know how to installed human hair wig in a right way? No matter a long inch lace wig or short cut lace wig, we will share you the installed tips in this article.

Prepared tools: A piece of wig cap, one human hair lace wig, a pair of scissors, lace wig adhesive, small brush, blow dryer

Step 1. Preparation
Washing your face and scalp with shampoo and make sure there is no oil on your face. If you have the scalp protection, you can spray it directly on your head it will protect your own skin when you apply the adhesive on your skin. If you have longer natural hair, the most important part is hiding your own hair. You can braid your own hair at first when you apply the wig cap on. It will be easier for short hair. Just apply the wig cap on that will be fine. Then use the a little brush apply the adhesive on the place which will adhere the lace wig on. Use the blow dryer blow it let it dry and waiting it for few minuets.

Step 2. Fix the lace on the lace frontal wig.
At the first time installed the lace wig, it’s necessary to trim the lace on the human hair lace wig. If the lace has been cut when you got it, that will be unnecessary to do it. You can apply your lace wig on your head at the first time, then use the hairpin to pull all the hair back from the hairline. Then use the scissors cut the lace carefully. Remember to not cut much lace at the first time, you can do it little by little.

Step 3. Clean the skin and do the protection.
If possible you can use the cotton ball with alcohol to remove the dirt and oil. It will help the adhesiveness can melt with your skin perfectly. If you have the scalp protestant, you can apply it on your skin to protect it.

Step 4. Put adhesive
Apply the adhesive or gel that your perfect with your finger or little brush to make the edge looks more natural just like your own natural hair.

Step 5. Put on the new human hair lace wig.
Normally the lace wig comes with combs and bands in the wig cap. You can adjust it according to your head circumference. When you got the new short cut wig, you can put it on your head, use the finger to press the front, then pull the back. Use the glue or gel apply on your hairline, then pull the lace wig and gently press it let the lace melt with glue or gel well. Press it around your hairline until this lace wig stick on your skin.

Step 6. Styling your Full Lace Wig
The easiest way is middle part, part the hair to two sides from the center, then use the hot comb to comb and press it. It can make the human hair wig looks more smooth.
Have you got the still to installed human hair lace wig? Go and get your new lace wig then try to do installed it by yourself.