Is Black Hair Suitable For Tinkerbell Bun?

Release time:2023-06-20 09:41

Is Black Hair Suitable For Tinkerbell Bun?

When mentioning Tinkerbell Bun Hairstyle, everyone will think of Tinkerbell first. Tinkerbell’s cute fairy bun is impressive. Tinker Bell's fairy costumes, it is cute and cute, and it completely fits our fantasy of elves or fairies. Tinker Bell is one of many people's favorite Disney characters! Tinkerbell hairstyles also give us a lot of inspiration. Read on to learn more about Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell Hair Bun.

Tinker Bell has become one of Disney's most important brand symbols and is often referred to as "the symbol of Disney magic". She wears a green mini dress and puffy heels, has long blond hair coiled up against fairy wings behind her back, and wields a magic wand that jingles bells when she gestures. The bun of her long blonde locks has become her mission signature, a lovely messy bun or "top knot" wrapped with a ribbon and side-swept bangs. Many little kids and young fashion women love the Tinker Bell Hair Bun and try to create this cute hairstyle.


Tinker Bell's bangs and hair color are two features of her perfect hairstyle. If you don't have bangs, you can create "fake bangs" from your own hair or buy fake bangs to wear. Of course, you can also create your own Tinker Bell hairstyle without bangs, I believe this hairstyle is very cute with or without bangs.

Is Black Hair Suitable For Tinkerbell Bun?

So regarding the hair color for this hairstyle, does it have to be the same hair color as Tinker Bell? Isn't black hair suitable for Tinkerbell Bun? My answer is No. Because hair with color is more dreamy, looks more aura, and is more in line with our fantasy of fairies. This hairstyle is perfect in the fairy tale world. When we are cosplaying, we also wear colored hair to create shapes and bring fairy wings and magic wands to restore the characters as much as possible in appearance. But in real life, any hair color can create a Tinker Bell hair bun, and black hair is certainly suitable. And this hairstyle can easily bring out your cuteness and fun. Many children, fashionable women, and famous stars like to create this style and add their own creativity with the inspiration from Tinker Bell hair bun.

Tinkerbell hair bun

Julianne Hough has experimented with Tinker Bell hairstyles and added fun ideas. Originally found hair inspiration in Julianne Hough, the most magical place on Dancing With the Stars Disney Nights, transformed Hough into a Tinker Bell by renowned salon stylist Jill Buck, complete with a combed bun and spiky ponytail bangs. Buck didn't cut any bangs, she just used the end of Hough's hair to successfully pull faux fringe from a very, very high ponytail, which was fun and impressive. If you want to try this hairstyle yourself, follow Buck's biggest tip: Manipulate the hair over and over until it looks real by making the sides longer and the front shorter. Are you impatient to wear this hairstyle?


How To Style Tinker Bell Hair Bun?

If you love the fun and cute character Tinker Bell and want to dress up for Halloween or go to a Disneyland, Disneyworld, or Disney birthday party, trust this hairstyle with the Tinker Bell fairy costume and you've got a great look! So do you know how to design a Tinkerbell hair bun? The following tutorial will help you design the perfect Tinker Bell hairstyle.

Tinkerbell Disney

Doing the homework before doing anything is crucial. Prepare before making Tinker Bell hair bun: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 bun maker or hair donut, bobby pins, hair elastics, hairspray, and blue sheer ribbon{if desired}. The operation steps are very simple, it can be done in 2-3 minutes.

Step 1: First comb your hair or wig smoothly, comb all the hair into a high ponytail, and fix the ponytail with a rubber band. Since this hairstyle is meant to create a high bun, be sure to tie the ponytail on top of your head.

Step 2: Slide the ponytail through the middle of the bun marker or hair donut, letting all the hair fall evenly around the bun marker or hair donut. Try to keep the hair evenly placed so that it completely covers the bun marker or hair donut, using another hair tie, slide it over the bun maker or hair donut and secure it at the bottom of the bun to create the perfect part bun.

Step 3: Process the rest of the hair to make the whole hairstyle perfect. You can still see the ends of the hair sticking out of the bottom, now work on those ends. Start by taking a small section of hair near the front and start twisting them, twisting these ends in one direction, adding hair as you go, and creating a lovely twist at the base of the bun. When these hairs are used up, secure the ends at the bottom with a few bobby pins and tuck the loose ends in.

Step4: This Tinkerbell hair bun is almost finished. If you want to make this hairstyle look even cuter, you can wrap a ribbon around the bottom of the front of the bun and tie it in a cute fairy bow at the back. Or you can also wear other hair accessories for finishing touches.


This hairstyle is perfect for birthday parties, Halloween, ballet, and dance. Since it is a bun, you can use it for any occasion, such as family gatherings, recitals, everyday hairstyles, etc. Of course, you can change the bangs or alter your styling to make the hairstyle more interesting. Things like making it a cute messy bun or “top knot,” wrapped with ribbons and side-swept bangs, or putting a chunky headband in front of the bun, end up giving the bangs a more authentic, natural look. Anyway, hope you enjoy the Tinker Bell hair bun.