Eating Hot Pot in the Summer Can Be Beneficial for Two Types of Constitutions

Release time:2023-09-27 15:06

Eating Hot Pot in the Summer Can Be Beneficial for Two Types of Constitutions

Recently, Jiang Shuying posted on social media: "Believe me, eating hot pot in the summer helps with weight loss!" To investigate further, a Qianjiang Evening News reporter visited the studio of Professor Song Xinwei, the director of the Rheumatology and Immunology Department at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital and a national expert in traditional Chinese medicine.

"Not many people eat hot pot in the summer because they are afraid of getting too 'heaty' (a concept in traditional Chinese medicine), but among the few who do, I have indeed seen some noticeable weight loss. However, because I haven't thoroughly studied the underlying principles, I can't recommend it to everyone," said Professor Song. In his view, eating hot pot in the summer can be a "remedy," but whether it's suitable and how to eat it should depend on different health conditions. For gout patients, it's best to avoid it all year round, while patients with arthritis are encouraged to have hot pot in moderation during the summer. As for healthy individuals, eating the right kind of hot pot in the summer can also be a good way to maintain health.

The concept of seasonal health is highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine, emphasizing the importance of adapting health practices to different seasons for maximum benefits. Summer is a time when the energy of heaven and earth converges, and all things flourish. Therefore, the human body should also adapt to the summer energy, adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang within the body and preparing it for the challenges of autumn and winter. Treating winter diseases in the summer, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, is a typical example of "reducing dampness and nurturing Yang" in the summer.

According to Professor Song, traditional Chinese medicine classifies human constitutions into five types: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Among them, people with Water-type and Earth-type constitutions are suitable for eating hot pot.

First, let's talk about people with a Water-type constitution. They are prone to kidney-related diseases such as edema and lower back pain. Water-type constitutions tend to have an excess of cold and stagnant Yin, making them susceptible to joint pain caused by poor circulation of Qi and blood in the meridians. They often suffer from conditions related to insufficient Yang energy in the kidneys. Therefore, eating hot pot in moderation can help warm them up and dispel cold.

Now, let's discuss people with an Earth-type constitution. They tend to have excess dampness in their bodies and are prone to gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and edema. Due to the sticky nature of dampness, it can slow down the circulation of Qi and blood, leading to the accumulation of phlegm and dampness. As dampness is closely related to the spleen, damage to the spleen can lead to deficiencies in vital energy, causing conditions like organ prolapse. Especially during humid and hot weather, having some hot pot to eliminate dampness can be very beneficial.

Of course, even though hot pot is a tempting option in the summer, moderation is key. It is advisable to limit hot pot consumption to once or twice a week. Additionally, it's best to opt for mildly spicy broth to avoid overdoing it and causing an imbalance in the body's Yin and Yang.

In conclusion, while it may seem unconventional to eat hot pot in the summer, traditional Chinese medicine suggests that it can be beneficial for certain constitutions when done in moderation and with consideration of individual health conditions.