Keeping Yourself One Step Ahead Of Sudden Hair Loss

Release time:2023-09-14 08:57

The recent Academy Awards brouhaha among Chris Rock, Will Smith, and wife Jada Pinkett Smith has finally shone the spotlight on women's alopecia. However, ladies who have struggled with the autoimmune disorder can attest that it's really no laughing matter. 

Various factors can lead to sudden hair loss or thinning hair including traction, frequent rubbing, or regular pulling, all of which may contribute to scalp trauma. Stars such as Selma Blair, Kristin Davis, and Alyssa Milano are just some of the other known celebrities affected by sudden hair loss in the past. 

Today, over 1 million people suffer from alopecia in the country, making more women in dire need of premium wig solutions

What causes sudden hair loss and its solutions

Alopecia can happen to anyone. It affects any gender, race, or age but is prevalent among one-third of African Americans. If you usually find yourself pulling your thinning hair into a ponytail or applying pressure and friction regularly, you might experience sudden hair loss. The autoimmune disorder is also called 'Ballerina Baldness' as most performers usually put their hair up in buns frequently.   

If you are one of those women who suffer from alopecia, there are many wig solutions that can boost your confidence and let you shine naturally if you know what to look for. 

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are ideal for sudden hair loss as they offer natural-looking front hairlines and a variety of styling choices. The comfortable wig cap constructions allow you to stay fabulous on any occasion. They stay securely in place with the help of Milano’s Lace Wig Grip Comfort Band. Milano also offers Lace Top Wigs, for a natural density but durable construction to stand the test of time. 

Keeping Yourself One Step Ahead Of Sudden Hair Loss
24” Divine Lace Top Wig Soft Black w/ Balayage Color Service

A single layer of Swiss lace allows you to show off natural volume from where you part your hair and hairline to create seamless transitions whether you choose to wear it with bangs, fringes, locks, or let your full face shape show. Milano’s patented Lace Wig Grip allows a secure fit for all lace featured top wigs. 

Toppers for Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss comes in various forms, and women with alopecia may sometimes find blotches of bald spots on their heads. No need to worry since toppers are designed to solve patches of hair loss or thinning hair. 

Milano toppers are great for those losing their hair at the crown and parting area, or just overall thinning. Its unique designs, such as U-shaped toppers, offer a medium density with coverage and volume on either side of the partline. Its unique U-shape design blends well with your natural hair making it undetectable, secure, and easy to use.

Keeping Yourself One Step Ahead Of Sudden Hair Loss
Mom and daughter in U-Shape Topper
Left: U-Shape Topper Medium Brown Balayage w/ rooting service
Right: U-Shape Topper Ash Blond w/ rooting service

Choose from a variety of toppers that can hide your sudden hair loss or a thinning crown, whether you go for fringes to hide a receding front hairline or need instant volume on the sides. Most Milano natural human hair toppers can also be styled according to your desired look and color, so you can stay gorgeous all the time. Milano offers a variety of base sizes, lengths, and colors to choose from. 

Enjoy ultimate comfort with GripCaps

It's also possible for women with alopecia to have security while getting rid of the discomfort that sudden hair loss brings with premium wig accessories for thinning hair. For example, the Milano GripCap provides uber comfort and security with a non-slip fit. Say goodbye to clips, combs, and adhesives once and for all.  With the wig band combined with a premium cap, the GripCap 2 in 1 Wig Band + Wig Cap gives more protection for your scalp and edges by reducing your risk of further sudden hair loss.

Keeping Yourself One Step Ahead Of Sudden Hair Loss
Grip Cap- 2 in 1 Wig Band + Wig Cap

They are also easy to use even on short and unruly hairpieces, have a soft feel thanks to their natural bamboo cotton fiber make, and even those with thick hair never have to worry about containing their full mane under the cap. 

Learn more about Milano's sudden hair loss solutions for women with alopecia now by visiting its wide array of wig collections and accessories for thinning hair.