Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

Release time:2023-09-14 08:56

Now that summer has begun it is time to think of your wig travel accessories for when you are on the go. With these helpful tips, you can spend more time in the sun, and not have to worry about your wig because it will be looking amazing. You can still look like you just walked out of the salon while traveling.

Round Travel Case

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

When traveling with a human hair wig, it is very important to pack it in a round wig travel case. The roundness keeps the shape of the wig cap. It also allows the hair to lay in a circular motion which prevents kinks in the hair. The round travel case can be packed in a suitcase or carry-on or taken a stand-alone with you wherever you may travel. It is important to place it gently with the inside of the wig cap facing upwards.  When you arrive at your destination take the human hair wig out, give it a shake and you should be good to go.

Collapsible Stand

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

Wherever your destination may be it is important to place your human hair wig on a round stand. This helps keep the shape of the cap intact and allows the wig hair to breathe. Milano offers two size travel stands:  A 14” for a short to medium length wig and a 19” which is for a long wig. The collapsible stands are really useful since they fold flat in the suitcase and can be assembled with ease once you reach your destination.

Gentle Brush

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

Milano’s Gentle wig brush is the perfect tool to brush and detangle your human hair wig. Especially in the summer months when it is hot and humid it is important to brush your human hair wig to remove tangles while minimizing hair from falling out from the wig cap. The Gentle wig brush is gentle on the hair and is a useful tool to take along with you wherever your destination may be.

Teasing Comb

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

Teasing combs are really useful in keeping the front of your human hair wig looking its best. With the teasing comb, you can add fullness and volume by teasing the hair or flatness by combing it down. The teasing comb can also add height by the hairline. By combing through and separating the hair it allows a more natural look.

Hot Air Brush

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

A hot air brush is a very useful tool to have when you are traveling with a human hair wig. It is a blow- dryer-and-brush all in one and allows easy styling while the wig is on your head. The hot air brush helps eliminate frizz and assists in the breakdown of build up in the hair of your wig.

WiGrip Band or Wig GripCap 

Milano’s Wig Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

It is very important to travel with your WiGrip wig band or GripCap wig cap to ensure a secure fit. Whichever you prefer The Original WiGrip by Milano, GripCap or Lace Wigrip- they all do the magic function of keeping your wig secure in a natural comfortable way!


By traveling with these travel Essentials you can enjoy these relaxing summer months traveling without fussing with your wig.  Where are you traveling to this season?

Comment below and tell us how our Wig Travel tips enhanced your vacation!