Start Stitching With These Beginner Embroidery Kits

Release time:2023-09-08 17:21

If you're in the mood for a new DIY project, jump into one of these beginner embroidery kits. We turned to savvy shoppers—and their glowing reviews—to find the perfect embroidery kits for beginners and experienced needleworkers alike.

You'll love these embroidery kits as a way to pass the time and create a beautiful piece of home decor. Read on to discover oodles of gorgeous and easy embroidery kits for beginners along with a few downloadable embroidery patterns, all designed by the talented, creative artisans on Etsy. These embroidery kits are ideal for beginners because they're conveniently stocked with all the materials you need to get started, and buyers just like you have left rave reviews for them, too.

An excellent pick for a creative date night or gift for her, embroidery kits for beginners are the ultimate DIY for any of your crafty pals. From easy beginner designs like perky plant patterns and friendly critter kits to motivational mantras and dreamy hot air balloons, these embroidery starter kits are as unique and varied as they are delightful to complete.

See the picks buyers love:

Best Beginner Embroidery Kits | Best Beginner Embroidery Patterns

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Best embroidery kits for beginners

1. Fun floral embroidery kit

Floral embroidery kit for beginnersSHOP: Floral embroidery kit from Hoffelt & Hooper Co., from $46

Dimensions: Available in 5", 6", and 7" hoops

Kit includes digitally printed cotton fabric, an embroidery hoop, full skeins of embroidery floss, embroidery needle, instruction booklet

Why we love this beginner's embroidery kit:

This charming embroidery kit for beginners from Hoffelt & Hooper Co. features luscious blooms and foliage and is a perfect first embroidery project that expertly introduces novice crafters to a smattering of basic stitch types through a comprehensive step-by-step guide. Bonus: This flower bouquet will never wilt!

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“This was a fantastic kit for a beginner. It had everything I needed to get started without even thinking about it, plus a helpful book to teach all the stitches. My first project turned out gorgeous, and it's such a unique sampler to learn with!” — IR

2. Skyscape scenery beginner's embroidery kit

Hot air balloon embroidery kit from EtsySHOP: Balloon embroidery kit for beginners from Nelly Makes Embroidery, $32

Dimensions: 8" hoop

Kit includes design outline printed onto calico cotton fabric, a stitch and color diagram and instruction guide, embroidery floss, picture tutorials, top tips to help you produce your best work, an illustrated embroidery stitch glossary, an embroidery stitch practice fabric piece, embroidery hoop, two embroidery needles

Why we love this embroidery starter kit:

A bonus needle, an illustrated stitch glossary, and a practice fabric swatch are just three of the many reasons we can’t get enough of Nelly Makes Embroidery’s thoughtfully assembled embroidery kit for beginners featuring a classic hot air balloon floating calmly among the clouds.

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“This is probably the best embroidery kit I've bought on Etsy. You can see how much care is put into this. It’s beautifully packaged, the instructions are very clear, and the materials are fantastic quality. You really get your money's worth. Thank you so much for the love you've put into your work.” — SN

3. Cute couples embroidery kit

Couples embroidery kitSHOP: Cute couples embroidery patterns from mipomipo, $32

Dimensions: 7" hoop

Kit includes pattern pre-printed on cotton fabric, embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, embroidery flosses, embroidery guide packet

Why we love this embroidery kit for beginners:

Unconventional subject matter for a embroidery starter kit, maybe, but who doesn't love takeout on date night? This seller's couple-themed patterns are sweet, romantic, and great for beginners.

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“This is my second purchase from this seller. As expected, I received the kit promptly. The accompanying instructions were color-printed and the printed cloth was of good quality. One of my favorite shops.” — HAJ

4. Festive flower embroidery kit

Flower embroidery kit for beginnersSHOP: Colorful Flowers hand embroidery kit for beginners from Tamar Nahir Yanai, from $13

Dimensions: 4" hoop

Full kit (option three) includes printed pattern on fabric, stitch instructions, color guide, embroidery threads, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop

Why we love this starter embroidery kit:

This crowd-favorite beginner embroidery kit from Tamar Nahir Yanai can be purchased in three versions: just a printed fabric pattern; the printed pattern along with a needle and thread; or all those elements plus a hoop for hanging, so there’s something to suit every kind of crafter.

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“That was my first embroidery project ever and I’m in love! The kit was so cutely packaged and shipping was faster than expected. Everything I needed was right there and the instructions were clear. Feels like a lot of care went into this product and I’m extremely happy with my order. I will be recommending this shop to my other crafting friends! Thank you!” —SC

5. Nature-inspired needlepoint kit for beginners

Butterfly and moon embroidery kit from EtsySHOP: Lunar moth embroidery kit for beginners from Rikrack, $28

Dimensions: 6" hoop

Kit includes preprinted fabric, embroidery needle, embroidery floss, embroidery hoop

Why we love this beginner's embroidery kit:

We’re crushing hard on the saturated teal fabric background of Rikrack’s bestselling embroidery kit, not to mention the mystical design featuring a magical moth and dreamy celestial accents.

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“Fantastic kits—I opened it and five minutes later, I was stitching away. Great guides on the website and lightning-fast shipping. Very happy with this purchase!” — VG

6. An embroidery kit with a friendly reminder

Quote embroidery kit for beginnersSHOP: Everything Will Be Alright embroidery kit from Natalie Gaynor Designs, $51

Dimensions: 6" hoop

Kit includes printed step by step guide, printed design template, heat erasable pen, embroidery hoop, cotton fabric, fabric stabilizer, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, needle for beading, beads, backing card, ribbon

Why we love this starter kit:

We could all use this encouraging reminder in our lives, and this beginner embroidery kit from Natalie Gaynor Designs includes everything you need to practice both lettering and different embroidery stitches.

Buyer reviews about this embroidery kit:

“Positively delighted with this. I got one for myself and another as a gift and they're a perfect jumping off point for embroidery. The designs are sweet and simply but very stylish.”— MR