Two Ways to Wear the Wig Hat Comfortably

Release time:2023-09-06 14:44

Do wigs feel too tight or too loose when worn on your head? Do you just not have enough time to use wig tape, glue, or other bonding materials? Adjustable straps and Magic Sticker are great solutions! Most wigs come with straps that can help you adapt the new wig to its unique head shape. The entire process takes less than five minutes! Take a look at these simple tips and use the adjuster on the wig correctly (comfortably)!

adjustable wig hat strap

Based on the elasticity of the adjuster on your wig, you can adjust the size of the hat to two centimeters! To tighten your wig, simply:

1, Magic Sticker

Use magic sticker to adjust the wig. We like that many of our wigs come with magic sticker, which makes it easy and fast to put on and release wigs!

2, Adjustable Straps

Adjust the wig one centimeter at a time, and you don’t want to try to put too tight wigs on your head, thereby stretching the ribbon on your cap! Every time you adjust the strap by half an inch, try on a wig. Generally speaking, if you know your head is small, you should only use the innermost gap – otherwise you may make the wig too tight (let alone stimulate the scalp)!

8 grades when adjust the size of the wig cap

Ensure that the size of the hat still has some elasticity. Most high-quality wigs are designed for breathability. Long term use of tight wigs can damage your scalp (and any organic hair).

If your wig is too tight and you haven’t hung the magic sticker yet, you can wear a hat that is too small. Our wigs come in different sizes, such as small, medium, and large. You may need to add other sizes. If your wig is too tight but too loose, the same applies. The best way to ensure you have the perfect wig size is to purchase the appropriate wig according to the wig measurement guidelines!