Why Kinky Straight Hair Has Always Been Popular?

Release time:2023-08-30 15:25

With the growth of social media and the importance people place on appearance, beauty is becoming more and more important and everyone wants to look their best. With the rise of wigs, hair extensions, etc., there is no doubt that one of the most popular human hair extensions today is Kinky straight hair.

Why is Kinky Straight Hair becoming more and more popular? You can see it selling well in many wig stores, and Kinky Straight Hair is perfect for people looking for a natural and textured look. Kinky straight hair has the flexibility to be ironed, woven, and curled! Do you know exactly what curly straight hair is, or how to care for them? Read on to find out all about it!

What is Kinky Straight Hair?

Kinky Straight Hair is a weave, like African-American natural hair, with tight curls and kinks. It is steam-treated after being braided and wrapped around a small metal rod to create a "curly" texture without losing the shine and softness of the hair. Kinky Straight Hair can make it look like your hair is thick and voluminous. And because of its natural texture and slightly curly style, it is perfect for humid climates. So it requires less maintenance. That's why Kinky Straight Hair has become one of the most popular hair extensions in the world.

Why should I choose Kinky Straight Hair?

Kinky Straight Hair is great for everyday wear, like ponytails and messy buns, but also for sophisticated looks, like loose and tousled curls! If you need hair that looks light and voluminous, Kinky Straight Hair is the way to go!

There have always been four sources of human hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair. Choosing which hair you want to use basically depends on your preference. stema hair offers women the best weave of real hair at an affordable price.

How do I maintain Kinky Straight Hair?

1. Combing and removing tangles from your hair is very important to its longevity. Comb your hair with your fingers first, then use a wide tooth comb to remove any remaining obstructions and tangles. For stubborn tangles, use a mixture made of equal parts water and conditioner to remove them. Be sure to pat the extensions dry with a towel and allow the hair to dry naturally.

2. Keeping your hair moist is also extremely important for the longevity of your hair. This hair texture is drier compared to other hair textures.

3. Always use a mild shampoo, we recommend a sulfate-free and odor-free shampoo. Kinky straight hair does not require frequent washing, we recommend using a deep conditioner between washes to ensure your hair does not dry out.

4. Be sure to use products that are light and not too heavy, you can use hair care products specifically for hair extensions.

5. Kinky Straight Hair can be ironed and curled, but be sure to use lower heat to maintain the longevity of your hair.

6. Kinky Straight Hair mimics the natural hair of black women, which means moisture is vital for hair growth. Your natural hair will absorb moisture from your scalp, and your extensions will not absorb the same oils, so it is important that you provide it with adequate nourishment. When your hair is wet, use a light oil like olive oil, which will give your hair shine and moisture. But don't use don't overdo it, a little is enough.