How To Store Pre-Cut Lace Glueless Wigs?

Release time:2023-06-19 08:33

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Ways To Store Pre-Cut Lace Glueless Wigs

Pre-cut lace wigs are nadula hair latest mega-seller. Recently some customers who have already purchased such wigs have asked nadula staff how can better maintain pre-cut lace glueless wigs. Actually, this wig has the same maintenance as a traditional lace wig, but since the pre-cut lace glueless wig has no glue installed, your maintenance will be easier and less time-consuming. Below I will introduce the wig in detail and share practical maintenance and cleaning tips for this wig.

Ways to store pre-cut lace glueless wigs

1. Wash your pre-cut lace glueless wig with warm or cold water

Instead of washing your pre-cut lace glueless wig with hot water, use warm or cold water. Hot water will quickly change the gloss of the pre-cut lace glueless wig, causing the hair fibers to swell, and resulting in a large loss of nutrients. Warm water, on the other hand, makes it easier for shampoos and conditioners to work their magic and clean hair thoroughly.

2. Massage your pre-cut lace glueless wig carefully with some sulfate-free shampoo

Regular shampoo can be tarnishing the hair and kick-start the oxidation process. Sulfate-free shampoos preserve hair while cleaning more gently. Secondly, the best way to dry a pre-cut lace glueless wig is to let it air dry. For quick drying, you can also use a hot hair dryer, but wear heat protection.

3. Minimize the wearing time of pre-cut lace wigs

You should not wear the same pre-cut lace glueless wig for a long time, it needs rest and maintenance time in order to make your appearance more attractive and natural. In order to keep each pre-cut lace glueless wig in good condition, you may prepare many wigs and then apply different techniques.

4. Don't wear pre-cut lace wigs while sleeping

When you go to sleep, it is best not to wear a pre-cut lace wig because it is easy to take off and you can easily take it off and go to sleep. You should know that once the hair of your pre-cut lace glueless wig rubs against your pillow, it will dry out, darken, and change your wig. If you need to sleep with the pre-cut lace glueless wig, you should wrap it in a silk nightcap.

5. Don't wash your pre-cut lace glueless wig too often

When you wash your hair, you remove the natural oils that keep it moist and fresh, as well as some of the hair's color. If you want your hair to last longer, avoid washing pre-cut lace wigs every day. On the contrary, try washing two to three times a week.


Most people have more misconceptions about wearing wigs. Some people find wearing a wig heavy and boring, and that's because you haven't picked out the right quality wig for you. Nadula pre-cut lace wigs are all hand-made from carefully selected 100% natural human hair. It looks dense, smooth, and shiny. A good wig is unlikely to look thin unless it uses bad, thick hair or is combined with synthetic hair. Nadula lace wig is the thinnest, most transparent lace. The canvas of the hair cap is also made of high quality breathable material, which will not make you feel uncomfortable at all.