The Importance of the Amazon Shopping Cart and Reasons for Cart Loss

Release time:2023-08-12 10:52

The Importance of the Amazon Shopping Cart and Reasons for Cart Loss

The shopping cart plays a crucial role in Amazon sales. If your products are added to a customer's shopping cart, the likelihood of generating an order increases significantly. Thus, gaining a spot in the coveted "golden" shopping cart is of paramount importance. Unlike some domestic e-commerce platforms, not every Amazon listing has a shopping cart, and even if you acquire one, it might be lost. Sellers often find themselves puzzled by the reasons behind such occurrences.

Reasons for Amazon Shopping Cart Loss

Excessive Price Increase

Price is a key factor Amazon considers when it comes to the shopping cart. If a listing's price increases too drastically, it can lead to cart loss. Amazon aims to prevent abrupt price hikes or drops, as they can create a negative purchasing experience for buyers. Moreover, a significant price increase can make the shopping cart more susceptible to being claimed by lower-priced listings. As a solution, I recommend sellers make incremental price adjustments to minimize the impact on the shopping cart.

Competing Against Competitors

When a product is being sold by multiple sellers, there's a competition for the shopping cart. Amazon allocates the shopping cart based on factors like account sales, performance, shipping speed, and price. Accounts with better performance have a higher chance of winning the shopping cart.

Frequent Listing Modifications

Making arbitrary changes to Amazon listings can directly impact the listing's ranking and weight. Actions such as merging or splitting variations, altering the listing category, etc., can lead to the disappearance of the shopping cart, making it more vulnerable to being claimed by other sellers.

Significant Price Decrease

Amazon's A9 algorithm continuously tests a product's maximum revenue potential based on its conversion rate. If your product consistently exhibits poor conversion rates and low sales, the algorithm might perceive a mismatch between your product and buyer needs. In this case, your product is more likely to lose its place in the shopping cart.

Conversely, if the algorithm identifies high demand for your product, with solid conversion rates and sales, your chances of winning the shopping cart increase. This, in turn, can lead to more traffic and orders.

Poor Performance Due to Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback can affect a listing's ranking and weight, which subsequently affects conversion rates and sales. This negative impact can result in the loss of the shopping cart.

FBA Stockouts

Insufficient stock can lead Amazon to believe you can't provide buyers with sufficient purchase opportunities, possibly resulting in cart loss. Proper inventory planning is crucial to maintain an ample supply and prevent cart loss.

Extended Shipping Time for New FBA Products

Generally, new products have a lower chance of winning the shopping cart. If it's a new product and shipped via FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), the probability of winning the cart diminishes further. Some categories don't even have shopping carts for FBM listings. Therefore, if you want to secure a spot in the cart and win more orders, it's recommended to opt for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) shipping. Shipping speed also significantly affects the likelihood of winning the shopping cart.

In conclusion, it's important to understand that the shopping cart isn't the same as advertising. While the Buy Box can increase the likelihood of customers placing orders, it doesn't boost product exposure. The main reason customers place orders is the product listing itself. Even with a shopping cart, if the listing doesn't entice customers to make a purchase, it won't increase orders. The exception is if you engage in competing against products with already high sales, and manage to claim their shopping cart.

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