Wig Foreign Trade Business Isn't Easy, So Why Can She Hold Orders and Outshine Competitors?

Release time:2023-08-12 10:43

Wig Foreign Trade Business Isn't Easy, So Why Can She Hold Orders and Outshine Competitors?

For beauty enthusiasts, wigs are undoubtedly essential items, commonly used for daily wear, model performances, and cosplay. Additionally, some individuals facing hair loss or balding issues have fueled a significant demand for wigs.

Thanks to population and pricing advantages, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of wigs. Just three provinces—Shandong, Guangdong, and Henan—account for 80% of China's wig product exports.

Lisa, from a trading company in Yiwu, is a player in the wig export industry. Her foreign trade company has ventured into the wig sector for just three years, and her client base spans Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa.

Recently, while using PingPong FUMAO, she has shown great interest in the invoice collection feature and willingly accepted an interview to highly recommend the use of this payment collection method.

Wig Foreign Trade Business Isn't Easy, So Why Can She Hold Orders and Outshine Competitors?

PingPong FUMAO: Hello, and thank you very much for sharing with us about our invoice collection feature!

Lisa: You're welcome! Since I work in the foreign trade industry, I know how crucial this feature is, so I must share it with everyone.

PingPong FUMAO: That's truly touching! Let's begin. The first question is: What challenges have you encountered in your foreign trade business?

Lisa: I'm in the wig industry, and while I have a good number of orders, many of them are small amounts. The handling fees for international transactions have always been a headache for me, and paying them for each order feels painful.

Lisa: Moreover, in the wig industry, many orders come from individual buyers. There are various limitations on payments by individual buyers, and other payment methods come with high fees. My order profits are being divided among these expenses, and I feel like I'm working for others all year round.

PingPong FUMAO: I understand this has been a pain point for many small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. Our invoice collection feature was designed with your needs in mind. After a month of using it, have these issues been resolved?

Lisa: Absolutely! With this feature, I no longer worry about additional intermediary fees. On average, I'm saving around $20 to $80 per order, and I've calculated this carefully. The wig industry is already highly competitive, and there's often malicious price competition among competitors. After using PingPong FUMAO's invoice collection, I can outcompete them easily!

PingPong FUMAO: Haha, Lisa, you're truly impressive! Apart from the cost savings, what other positive experiences have you had while using this feature?

Lisa: As I mentioned earlier, some of my customers are individual buyers who face even greater challenges with payments. Converting and collecting payments was not convenient, and the high fees they faced were akin to robbery.

Lisa: However, after using PingPong FUMAO, things changed. You support payments from individual buyers, and there are multiple payment methods available. They can use ACH or credit cards, making the payment process very friendly for all my buyers, considering I have a diverse client base from around the world.