34 Superb Holiday Hairstyles To Glitter In All Festivities

Release time:2023-08-08 13:47

#1 Pearl Headband

A sparkly hair accessory is a great way to steal the show. A pearl-encrusted or jeweled headband simply screams “holiday.” You have probably seen these pretty headbands everywhere this season if you attend parties regularly!

Not only does all the added pearls or prints add to your holiday hairstyle, it’s also an easy way make those curls last one more day! A sparkly headband can help keep errant strands and baby hairs in place. Keep it simple with a narrow, glittery band.

#2 Velvet Bow Sleek Ponytail

A chic high ponytail is a timeless hairstyle. Elevate it for the holidays with a dramatic velvet bow. Pull back clean, dry hair in a high ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band. Use a product with hold to keep baby hairs in place.

For that subtly vintage, classic feel, flip up the ends of the hair with a round brush and hairspray for a little extra volume. Finish off the look with a velvet bow anchored to the base of your ponytail.

#3 Faux Pompadour


This one’s going to take a lot of hairspray and backcombing, but this faux pompadour on the celebrity in the photo is a really great way to buck the expected and take a unique approach to cool party hairstyle while also keeping your length. You can back-comb under the front section and pin it and then slick a section resting over that fluff. Then secure with a hard-hold hairspray and you’re good. Faux locs are a wonderful way to keep your natural hair underneath protected.

#4 Funky Braid

This seriously cool braid is basically a combination of a waterfall braid, asymmetrical style and part half-up look. It is well suited for you if your hair is thick and voluminous.

It is just an upgraded French braid. The only difference with this long thick hair idea is that on one side only, you don’t add more hair to the strand.

Once you’ve used all of the front section of your hair in the braid, stop adding to the strands. Three strand braid it down and secure with a hair tie.

#5 Classic Topknot Bun

You don’t have to be a ballerina to wear a beautiful, classic topknot bun. To achieve the look, start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with an elastic band.

Wrap your hair loosely around the ponytail, securing it into a loose topknot with bobby pins as you go. Spritz with texturizing spray and pull out small pieces around your head to create a looser, textured look. It makes you look youthful and energetic.

#6 Half-up, Half-down

Right after “What are you wearing tonight?” the most common text in your phone before a night out is probs “Wait, should I wear my hair up or down?” Instead of going back and forth with your group chat on what looks better with your outfit, do both. A cute half-up, half-down look is super chic and won’t take you hours to pull together. It also stylishly keeps your hair voluminous, out of your face and in place.

#7 Deep Side Part

Part your hair can make a big difference in your hairstyle. This deep side part makes almost all the hair go in one direction, giving you shocking volume. With this as a base, you have complete freedom for how to style the rest of your hair.

Another great effect of these parts is they sweep the hair to one side. This is perfect for showing off some holiday fashions – whether it’s the fantastic neckline on your dress, your beautiful necklace, or a gorgeous collarbone, you’ll display exactly what you want to with this style.

#8 Twist Waves

Here’s a pro hack for creating Rapunzel waves without cutting into your party time.

Wash your hair in the evening, apply a hair styling cream to damp strands and divide your hair into four, six or eight sections, depending upon the thickness. Twist each section from top to ends, wind the hair into a bun and secure the buns with bobby pins. The next morning, release the buns, comb through with a wide tooth comb and voila. Long, luxurious waves!

#9 Bantu Knots

Bantu knot is both stylish and timeless, which is kind of reminding us of a unicorn right now. You can easily recreate this hairstyle at home.

First, prep your hair and then part it into sections. Then clip those sections to keep them apart. Work on each section individually. Start a two-strand twist after separating each section into parts. Finally, you can set the knot by weaving the twisted hair clockwise. If needed, secure it with hairpins. Do this for every section.

If you have short hair the knots will resemble rosebuds, but if your hair is long, they will look more like pyramids.

#10 Double Roll Ponytail

The worst part about having so many parties lined up is the reality that we have to constantly wash our hair to rid ourselves of the hairspray needed to create intricate styles. If constant washing seems to be causing dryness, give your hair a break with one of our favorite looks this season—Friendsgiving hair! This double roll ponytail looks best on day two hair and is super easy to recreate.

#11 Braided Beehive

To transform your braids into a party-ready style, leave out a few face-framing strands, and gather the rest at the very crown of your head and secure into a high pony with a strong elastic.

Divide the pony into three sections and braid all the way to ends, securing with another elastic. Twist your big braid into a bun, tucking the ends under your bun. Keep the whole thing in place by using extra-large bobby pins. Take the whole look to the next level by adding a little sparkle. Get festive by adding metal cuffs or beads.

#12 Upgraded Fish Braid

We’re all fans of the simple fish braid, but what if we tell you there’s a simple way to make it look even better? Start by using a hair oil to add shine and protect your hair when straightening it.

This hairstyle can enhance your temperament. If you have a similar personality, then it will play to your advantage. This fishtail accent braid keeps your hair out of your face, while smaller braids and loose waves will add more texture to your overall look.

#13 Bouncy Blowout

A voluminous blowout never disappoints. Use a dry shampoo if you want to enhance hair body and the quality. Look for a lightweight formula that absorbs excess oil but doesn’t leave behind residue. Apply it right at your roots and use your fingers to shake out the excess for a refreshed look. If you're not into glittery chunks, the bouncy blowout may be right up your alley.

#14 Lazy Chignons

Chignon hairstyle is simply the perfect way to define elegance and grace. Nothing says New Year's Eve like a chic chignon—plus, it's a great way to show off your favorite statement jewelry, bold lipstick, dress neckline. Also, if you're talking about the age factor, it is highly suitable for matured women. This isn’t a great hairstyle for the teens.

This hairstyle look can be framed according to your face with loose bangs or a front fringe. To gain a romantic look, you can adore it with a flower as looking in the picture.

#15 Glamour Waves

If you want to look like a fairytale princess on holiday, waves are the perfect choice. The best part about this hairstyle is that hot tools aren’t needed to get the look. You can get incredibly easy waves in the hair by simply coating your wet hair in a styling lotion and let it dry in two or three braids.

This hairstyle requires no complicated weaving and is much easier to maintain, making it perfect for newbies. Anyway, I’d recommend you to opt for the method that works best with your hair type.

#16 Waterfall Braid

Not only is a waterfall braid one of our favorite bridal hairstyles; it also comes into its own when paired with that outfit at a party. For who like their locks loose, but still want to achieve glamour and keep their hair off their face, this half-up do ticks every one of their party hair boxes. If you want to get together with friends, this hairstyle is also a good choice.

#17 Polished Wavy Ponytail

If you're a natural brunette, an inky black hair color is a subtle tweak that makes a huge difference. Pick a deep black hair color with high shine for a show-stopping holiday hairstyle.

First, apply smooth blow dry cream through the lengths of your hair. Blow dry, and then mist on perfector. Straighten your hair and divide it into three sections, with one in the center and two on either side. Pull the center section into a ponytail and secure. Then, pull one side section over the ponytail and secure it. Repeat on the other side. Use your flat iron to create two or three bends in the ponytail, creating barely-there waves. Finish with a generous spray of anti-humidity hairspray to keep hair frizz at a minimum.

#18 Classic Updo

The updo can either by high, near the crown, or lower near the nape of the beck. These typically have a side part and some volume at the top of the head. You can also decide how loose or tight to make the updo.

Apply pomade or hair serum, then make a side part. Comb or brush the hair neatly along the sides of the head. The hair on the top of the head should be pulled back slightly. Decide how high or low you want your updo, then secure in either a twist or sleek knot. Finish with medium of high-hold hair spray.

#19 Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid just looks fancy, which is probably why it’s a great hairstyle for a fancy party. Not everyone has the same type of hair, and you can watch a tutorial of all hair lengths to get the look of Dutch braid. Dutch braid includes the side braid and the half down Dutch braid. This is perfect for trying during the holiday season.

#20 Candy Cane Twist

This is a sweet one to do on your hair and on anyone else’s. All you need is a red ribbon and 2 elastic bands. It looks like a fun candy cane once it’s in your hair. You can mix this up with other ribbons, too. This holiday season, show off your stylish side with a gorgeous Christmas hairstyle.

You can follow below steps for this festive hairstyle: Make a small ponytail tail on the top of your head. Take a ribbon and insert it into the elastic. Make sure the ribbon isn’t too long or short. Twist the ribbon through your hair (just like in the video). Band it and you’re done. Let it loose!

#21 Bubble Pigtails

This is one of those easy holiday hairstyles that is ideal for heading to a festival or going for a few drinks by the pool. It’s a more grown-up version of pigtails that will attract attention for the right reasons. All you need for this hairstyle are some small hair bobbles. Grab a brush and a bit of hairspray for hold. It works best with long hair.

First, part your hair in the middle and pull each side of your hair into a high pigtail. Combine the pigtail with the rest of your hair. Start to add in hair bobbles to split your pigtails into equal sections all the way.

#22 Frisky Fringe

If you're looking for the medium length hairstyles with bangs, you should take this style into consider. With the haircut just below the chin, the thick fringe and face-framing layers give you a jaw-dropping dramatic look. This style works great with bold and colorful streaks such as a combination of reds and oranges for a fiery, flirty look. Just try it during the holiday season.

#23 Space Buns


If you want to be quirky and cute for the holidays, try this out-of-this-world (as the name implies) hairstyle. This is so easy to do! You don’t even have to put any heat to your hair!

First, give yourself a middle part. Next, take a small section of your hair. You can start from the top of your ear, working your way all this way to the back of your head. Third, just keep twisting till you reach the end of your locks and wrap it round the base of our hair and secure it with a tie. Finally, pin a few loose hairs strands and adjust your buns till it’s almost even. You can also add some accessories liken cute pompoms to spice up your look.

#24 Crown Braid

We love this elegant holiday hair because it works with all textures and it’s so easy to pull off. This hairstyle would look great when paired with a velvet jumpsuit or a sequined dress!

First, part hair down the center, then braid each section and fasten with a small, clear hair tie. Gently massage the sections of the braids, to slightly loosen and make hair look fuller. Next, wrap the braids over the crown of your head and secure with bobby pins, taking care to tuck the ends under the braids. Then, carefully pull a few face-framing strands from the updo. To finish this holiday hair look, you can use the hairline optimizer tool to disguises any sparse areas around the face.

#25 Red Undertones


Red undertones are the perfect hairstyle when it comes to holidays. Adding just enough to give your hair that warm almost auburn red is the great way to accent any winter outfit! It is super pretty and very eye catching in any environment! This hairstyle gives people a passionate feeling, like a fire in winter, igniting the cold world to make you feel inspired.

#26 The Wet Look

Depending on your hair type, you’re going to need some combination of hair oil or serum, a gel, a styling cream, a sculpting mousse, or a conditioner.

For dryer or thicker hair that sucks up moisture, lean towards a heavy combination of serum and cream first, then top it with a combo of gel and hair oil. For hair that is a bit lighter and finer, opt for a cocktail of conditioner, mousse, and a bit of lightweight gel.

For the wet-look hair trend to appear as sexy and confident as it does, it’s important to keep things sleek. Decide where you want your part to be and create a defined line. Then brush and comb your lengths to get them as smooth as possible.

Ideally, you’ll be creating this look on damp, towel-dried hair, but it can be done on dry hair as well—just be prepared to use a lot more product.

#27 Curly Long Messy Shag

For some of us, bigger is always better, especially when it comes to glam. Long shag haircuts are the perfect way to add texture and volume to the hair.

Choosing this cut comes with endless options for all types of hair, using layers and choppy edges to create stunning visual movement and dimension.

Not only does this make curly hair pop, it allows for a beautifully natural hairstyle without the need for excessive heat and product treatment.

#28 Hollywood Waves

Have shorter hair? No problem. Hit the holiday glam mark this year with classic Hollywood waves for short hair. The holidays are a great time to bring out these waves, especially if your prom days are behind you and dressing up is a rare occasion.

All you need to achieve this look is a wide-barrel curling wand, some hairspray, and a side part. Start by curling the side of your head with less hair away from your face. As you work around your head, begin curling inward for that classic old Hollywood look.

#29 Zigzag Partings

A zigzag part is incredibly versatile and works in all festivities. The modern zigzag looks great in hair that’s worn down but works with updos too.

First part the hair where you want the zigzag parting to sit, either in the middle or on the side. Take a fine-toothed tail comb and drag it left to right over your parting, deciding whether you want a bigger, more defined pattern or a smaller zigzag. Divide the hair on either side to show the parting. Then, you can either gel it down and go for a slick, spiky bun look, or keep it down like 90s faves.

#30 Silver and Pastel Blue Roses

One of the best holiday hairstyles, braided roses are a nice party hairstyle to go with, especially with multi-toned. The braids allow the colors to weave in and out and the roses can show off the shades beautifully. The colors are special and the roses are perfect making this a great quick half-up hairstyle to show off the color.

#31 Sleek Runway Look


If you keep up with fashion, you have seen this sleek style everywhere. Parted in the middle and perfectly slicked back behind the ears. This is your go-to, high fashion style when your makeup and outfit are the main attraction. A sleek runway look makes for the perfect New Year’s Eve look!

First, add hair primer to everything but your roots on damp hair, then spray in a thermal protectant. Do a light blowout until the hair is almost dry. Add a waxy cream texturizing product to all of the hair. Slick your hair down and behind the ears. Use bobby pins to secure the sides if needed. Set your style with a flexible hold hair spray.

#32 Star-Studded Side Braid

Everything should shine a little brighter around the holidays. Here’s a sparkly braid worn on the side of your head that’s sure to put a twinkle in your eye. Wanna DIY it? Grab some star charms, copper wire, and you’re ready to start styling.

It’s a face-framing side braid that adorned with blingy star charms and secured with copper wire. It’s almost like decorating the Christmas tree, but instead, you decorate the hair. This style idea is super affordable and a literal show-stopper.

#33 Pineapple Updo


If you're looking for a holiday hairstyle for natural hair, and you can pull together in a matter of minutes, choose this hairstyle. The pineapple updo is here to be your saving grace. Simply gather your curls at the crown of your head, allowing your longest ringlets to frame your forehead and face artfully, and secure with an elastic.

#34 Curtain Bangs

Micro bangs, curtain bangs, or even a blunt fringe—there's no wrong option this time of year. All bangs are a timeless yes in our books for the season. For the uninitiated, curtain bangs are those shaggy, loose bangs that, as the name implies, beautifully define your face.

Curtain bangs are the gateway to bangs because of their versatility. They are easier to grow out of and take less effort. They offer additional style while lending a little extra charm to a simple hairdo.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for seeing it through to the end. We've reached the end of our article, but we hope that it served its purpose, so if your goal was to find a new hairstyle for holidays or daily outings, then we seriously hope that at least one of our picks managed to sparkle your interest.

Perhaps you have a novel idea for a hairstyle? Drop us a line via email! Of course, any question about hair can be discussed with us, and we will certainly try our best to help you.