36 Distinctive Spring Hair Colors That Can't Be Missed In 2023

Release time:2023-08-08 13:45

What are the spring hair color trends for 2023?

Based on the popularity of past spring hair colors and the predictions of stylists, here are 32 hair colors that will be the hottest this spring.

#1 Cherry Cola

Perhaps most would consider darker shades appropriate for fall or winter, but that's not a rule. Cherry Cola will make you change your mind about what you used to think. It's primarily a coppery red blended with a little purple, which is very unique and looks regal and gorgeous. You can also have your colorist add more purple tones to accentuate a hint of coolness. This hair color requires some extra maintenance.

#2 Rusty Copper

Bright coppery red always gives a warm and cheerful feeling. It is not only suitable for the cold weather, but also very suitable for the season when everything comes back. This hair color matches well with a wide variety of flowers, and you can totally blend in with spring. You can adjust the saturation of the color to your liking to achieve the desired effect. In order to be hair color to last longer, you need to choose specific shampoo and conditioner.

#3 Peachy Rose

Peach is simply the representative hair color for spring. The clash of pink and red tones makes your hair add cuteness and purity. It is like a young girl in love, revealing shyness and sweetness.It looks like pink bubbles are floating around you. It looks like pink bubbles are floating around you. Compared to dark hair, peach is more suitable for light hair, such as blonde hair. If you have dark hair and want to have this color, you can ask your colorist to dye it brighter at the beginning to prevent the color from fading.

#4 Subtle Ombre

Traditional ombre is a change of color at the ends of the hair, giving a distinct difference between the end color and the overall hair color. However, the subtle ombre does away with this "splitting" of boundaries and weakens the layers of color to make several colors blend better. This gives the hair a more subtle end result. This hair color is a good choice for those with long and curly hair.

#5 Mint Green

If you're tired of gold tones or red tones, why not try this soft green?Mint green differs from the common green in that it blends in better with spring. To get the exact color, the colorist needs to soften the color to make it look more vintage, regal and less sharp. If you like warm tones, you can add a touch of yellow. Your hair needs to be bleached to platinum blonde to get the perfect look.

#6 Barbie Pink

If you like flashy and sweet colors, Barbie Pink will be your go-to. Every spring, you'll see "pink girls" on the front pages of social media, creating a wave of pink hair. Many movies also feature pink-haired beauties from time to time. Barbie pink does look sweet and cute and will never go out of style. It will give you a good memory of pink and a new look, so be brave and change yourself!

#7 Light Lavender

When it comes to purple, the first thing that comes to your mind is lavender. That's right, purple is dreamy, like a unicorn in a fairy tale world.Now, you can immerse yourself in that dreaminess. Now, you can immerse yourself in that dreaminess. Dye your hair a light purple color and you will feel like you have entered a lavender garden, everything is so beautiful and stunning. If your hair happens to be platinum blonde and your skin tone is fair, then congratulations, this hair color will surely make you fall in love with it.

#8 Red Velvet

Who says red velvet can only be the color of cake and lipstick? Your hair can be just as soft and luxurious as that. The red-toned trend is coming back this spring, and it won't go away easily. The advantage of red velvet is that it goes well with almost any skin tone or eye color. If you have light blonde hair, your hair color will end up on the pink side, and if you have dark blonde hair, it will lean towards a deeper red. Red velvet is a hair color that can be obtained without bleaching.

#9 Butterscotch

Maybe you understand the melt-in-your-mouth feel of butterscotch, but you didn't necessarily know that hair could be so subtle.That's right, this hair color is inspired by butterscotch and looks both warm and lovely. That's right, this hair color is inspired by butterscotch and looks both warm and lovely. It dabbles in everything from light blonde to caramel. It can add some appeal to fairer skin tones.

#10 Auburn Tinge

If you're bored with brown hair, try adding a splash of reddish-brown and it will give you some new inspiration. In spring, warm colors, especially browns, will be popping up in many women's hair one after another. To stand out from the crowd, Auburn will be the perfect opportunity for you to turn it around and it will make your eyes glow.

#11 Almond

Thanks to the celebrity effect, almond color is extra popular this spring. This color reminds you of caramel coffee, doesn't it? It will add a sweet style to you and make you look more approachable. What's more, it blends well no matter what your skin tone is, and you'll love this hair color! You can make the hair color last longer by using the right shampoo.

#12 Fresh Croissant

For those who like darker, hair colors with a rich dimension, choosing a croissant color will definitely not disappoint you.It's a blend of copper and black that doesn't look too dark or overly flashy.It's a blend of copper and black that doesn't look too overwhelming nor too overwhelming.It's a blend of copper and black that doesn't look too serious or overly flashy, just like a freshly baked, fragrant croissant. The base shade of this hair color is light brown, not blonde or copper.

#13 Cherry Chocolate

This is one of the most shocking hair colors in the spring trend. It takes on a fuchsia appearance and looks like a cherry-flavored chocolate. It has dark brown undertones and ruby-toned highlights that can add a luxurious feel to your look. You can't go wrong with it if you want to stand out this spring. This color is a bit more complicated to make. If you want a little more cherry, ask your colorist to reduce the chocolate color.

#14 Pastel Blue

We predict that pastel blue hair will be one of the hottest hair colors this spring and that the craze won't fade in the coming year. It differs from previous blue-toned hair colors in that it has a more mild and niche look. This hair color is so adaptable that it will go with any outfit in your closet without looking out of place. Casual jeans, a cute dress or a sensible shirt can be paired with pastel blue hair to add a chic touch.

#15 Money Pieces

A "money piece" is a small section of your hair that is taken and dyed to create a strong contrast with your original hair color. This usually involves taking a few pieces of hair on either side of your forehead above your ears and dyeing them so that they frame your face and make you look like a rich person. You can choose natural shades such as blonde, or bold colors such as red and green.

#16 Coral Orange

Coral manifests itself as a vibrant peachy shade that can be used in blends with many colors for versatility. Warm tones such as pink and orange are its best companions. Of course, cooler tones can also clash with it to create stunning colors. You can use it as a primary or secondary shade, it looks good either way. For those who are naturally blonde, you can easily get this hair color without bleaching.

#17 Teal

Teal hair was popular in previous years. This spring, we predict it will make a comeback. It looks striking and unique among the many warm hair colors available. You can't seem to think of anything to describe this color, but it has a strong presence. It is the mysterious and cool feeling that you want. Its charm is that it evokes curiosity but keeps people guessing. This elusive feeling makes people obsessed.

#18 Chocolate Brown

This hair color is especially suitable for people with warm skin tones. For people with dark or olive skin tones, chocolate brown is a great choice. It exudes warmth and reliability, and the color tends to have a thickness and depth that makes it unforgettable. With a silky and rich look like chocolate, it makes you look informative and sensual, yet cute and warm at the same time.

#19 Spicy Chestnuts

You may think that chestnuts and spicy can't be associated with each other, but that's not the case. Let your imagination run wild and add some novelty to your look this spring 2023.Whether you're a brunette or a blonde, spicy chestnuts can make your hair glamorous and fun. Whether you're a brunette or a blonde, spicy chestnuts can make your hair glamorous and fun. This splash of light brown makes your hair vibrant and earns you more compliments.To protect your hair color, it is best to use a blue shampoo.

#20 Magnificent Ocean

The ocean always gives off a deep and unpredictable look. What happens when you put that look in your hair? You'll have a heart attack with it!This mysterious hair color is usually a collection of teal, turquoise, and sky blue to create a vibrant look of raging ocean waves. This mysterious hair color is usually a collection of teal, turquoise, and sky blue to create a vibrant look of raging ocean waves. You can also choose a gradient from dark to light to flatter your skin tone. To achieve the perfect ocean color, you will need to bleach your hair first.

#21 Silvery purple

Silvery purple is made up of shimmering silver and gentle purple, displaying an atmosphere of both resilience and beauty.Currently, this hair color is not very hot, and that is one of its advantages. You can be that trendsetter! It's edgy, but definitely not exclusive to a certain skin tone. For a more personal touch, you can add some silver or purple to finish off your skin tone.

#22 Olive Green

Prefer a less ostentatious but punky color? Olive green would be your best choice. It's not as bright as neon green or electric green, but that's what you want - understated and cool. It has darker undertones with a yellowish tint, like an unripe olive, and you can also refer to the color of military uniforms. If your hair is darker, it's best to bleach it first.

#23 Glossy Garnet

Dark red tones of hair color will also come into its own this spring. With this hair color, it's like wearing onyx-like pomegranate grains in your hair - proud, lonely, and seductive.The pomegranate color will give your hair shine and depth and make you look extremely attractive. It is perfect for people with green eyes.

#24 Navy Blue

Navy blue has deep undertones and is a neutral shade. It gives a cool but not icy feeling, the feeling you get when you stand on the beach and are gently blown by the sea breeze. It blends subtly with dark hair and serves to add dimension and layers. You can have your colorist create a near-black look on the top of your head for the perfect transition.

#25 Dark Grapes

Dark grapes are much deeper than lavender and silvery purples. It is the more intense color that creates the wonderful visual experience of dark grapes. It looks deep, vivid and full of intelligence. Light blonde hair does not need to be bleached to achieve this hair color. You can also add some darker tones as accents, black and brown are great. Taking the time to protect the color is essential.

#26 Emerald green

Emerald green is going to be one of the popular hair color trends this spring. The reason? It has a stunning deep jewel tone that shimmers with a natural shine. This is enough to attract the attention of many people. In addition, this hair color is simply a low-maintenance hair color that you don't have to put a lot of effort into. You also don't have to trim your hair frequently after it grows out.

#27 Dark Roast

It's amazing how browns and cool tones meet. New to this combination? Don't worry, I promise it will be a color you'll love. Adding a splash of gray or even white to a brown base will bring a distinctive look. For those with fair skin temporarily or on the pink side, this hair color will make your skin look like it's glowing.

#28 Burnt Siena

If you have long, curly blonde hair, make sure you don't miss Burnt Siena. This "burnt" look is achieved through a gradation of color. First, you need a light brown base color. The top of the head is the darkest brown and the ends are the lightest. After that, you need to add some highlights to the hair around the face to enhance the overall appearance of the design.

#29 Milk Tea

It is a common belief that milk tea is a good hair color for Asians, but it actually suits any skin tone. It is a combination of cool and warm tones and looks very soft and gentle. Whether you are a light blonde or a dark blonde, you can find the creamy teal color that best suits you. You have no reason to turn it away!

#30 Rainbow

No one can help but marvel at the beauty of the rainbow, can they? Now, here's a way to carry the rainbow with you: bring together the colors of the rainbow in your hair. Of course, you can choose the shade and amount of color to suit your style to get a one-of-a-kind rainbow head look. This hair color requires a lot of care, because it's worth it. If you find it troublesome, you can go to the hairdresser more than once. Enjoy yourself shining in the sun!

#31 California Brunettes

Want to blend in with the warmth and sunshine that fills spring? Don't hesitate to pick California Brunette, it'll give you a fabulous spring! If you want extra highlights, you can use balayage to achieve more layers.

#32 90% Dark Chocolate

The beauty of dark chocolate is that it looks flat, but it is dark. Perhaps you don't think it's anything special in the dark, but when it's bathed in sunlight, it reveals its sharpness. The rich chocolate color appears to be hidden and arouses your curiosity. It goes well with caramel and blonde hair.

What is the best natural hair color for spring?

For those loyal to the natural look, the following four hair colors are excellent choice. They look distinctive, but not too dramatic, and complement all skin tones.

#1 Strawberry Blonde

Do you also find the rose gold (strawberry gold) color of Apple phones beautiful? Be bold and apply this color to your hair! It will make every strand of your hair shine with a dazzling brilliance. If you have light blonde hair, then you just need to add some pink and shine. We recommend that you seek out a professional hair colorist to get this color and make sure that the hair color matches your personal style.

#2 Gray Blonde

Gray hair has always been a popular hair color, and this will not change for several years. Gorgeous blonde hair pairs well with cool gray tones. Their fusion creates the look of an icy beauty with a regal touch.Ash blonde is one of the most unique hair colors for spring, away from the colorfulness. In the sunlight, your hair will take on a silvery sheen, attracting the attention of countless people.

#3 Greige

Greige has both cool and warm tones, making it an amazing hair color. If you're not sure if you're going for a cool or warm color, you're definitely right to pick it. It creates warm undertones for you with a bit of a cool, off-white look. It is a bit lighter compared to ash blonde. This color looks very natural and can give your blonde hair a great advantage. To make the greige color stay longer, you can create a hair care plan.

#4 Rooted Platinum

Platinum blonde has never left the fashionista's radar. To get some extra chic, dye your hair darker at the roots to create a gradient from root to tip. This will add dimension to the hair and give it a voluminous look. Gradient platinum blonde requires extracting the color from your hair to achieve the final desired effect. Therefore your blonde hair will need to undergo bleaching and will require frequent treatments to maintain the best look.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our article! We hope that this post has provided you with inspiration and ideas for your next hair transformation. From bold statement hues to subtle highlights, there's something for everyone in this year's lineup of trendy shades.