32 Heart-Thumping Valentine's Day Hairstyles For 2023

Release time:2023-08-08 13:41

#1 Elegant Side Braid

If you like a hairstyle that is both understated and lively, a side braid is the right choice for you. Take a strand from one side of your hair, weave it from top to bottom, and make it wrap around your head. The beauty of the side braid is that it is not only suitable for relaxed and casual occasions, but also for formal ones. All you need to do is add some pearls or lace netting to make it elegant and demure. Comparatively speaking, this hairstyle is suitable for people with dense hair. Capture the heart of your boy on a Valentine's Day date with this hairstyle!

#2 Face-Framing Center Part

The center parting is the most common hairstyle. For a round face, a center parting with curls might just make you look amazing. The benefits of a center parting are that it creates a simple, soft face line and makes you look younger, while curls will add to your chicness. You can add bangs to make the overall appearance look perfect and get out of singleness this Valentine!

#3 Low Twist Ponytail

This hairstyle is easy. Whether you're shopping or on a date, the low twisted ponytail will surprise you. In other words, it works for almost any occasion. If you have darker hair color, it will make you look understated and stable; if you have lighter hair color, it will make you more playful and cute. A low twisted ponytail is also perfect for weddings. To create a better effect, you can use a curling iron to make your hair curly, or add twists. Remember to leave a few strands of hair around your face so that you can flatter your face shape.

#4 Sleek Mid-Length Cut

This hairstyle is highly versatile in terms of workability.If you want to see a different version of yourself every day, you can try this slicked back medium length cutIf you love working on your hair, or want to see yourself differently every day, you can try this cut. It has simple layers and a smooth look that makes you look pure and cute. Try it and you'll get a surprise!

#5 Lovely Bun Twist

The twisted, messy bun gives a casual, spontaneous look. It shows off your cuteness when you're wearing a dress, and provides a cool look when you're wearing jeans. This hairstyle is also very convenient. Gather the top hair together and tie it into a ponytail, then wrap the ponytail around so that it becomes spherical, secure it with a few hair strings and you're done. A high bun will bring out the glamour in you. Most people like to pair it with some hair accessories to make it more dazzling.

#6 Asymmetrical Lob

The asymmetrical cut breaks the sense of balance, but will give you an unexpected stunning effect. The hair is not the same length on both sides, usually longer on the chin side. The overall length reaches the shoulders - a length that works for everyone. The subtle asymmetry of this hairstyle will help you stand out from the crowd.

#7 Boho Half Draped Curls

This hairstyle gives you endless imagination. Long, slightly curly hair with novelty braids not only looks layered, but creates a romantic atmosphere. The most significant advantage is that it can increase your hair volume several times. With this hairstyle, you can become a spirit in the forest, beautiful and spiritual. To add texture, you can use some sprays that are easy to maintain the style. Bohemian style is not only on trend, but also contemporary. Wearing a nice hair clip can expand its charm.

#8 Bubble Braids

Bubble braids have started a new fashion trend. Many celebrities have been wearing this hairstyle for events in recent years. They are easier than twist braids and have a versatile look that is both chic and fun. There are Dutch, boxer, and French braids, so you can decide on the bubble braid look depending on the occasion. It's a kid-friendly hairstyle, too.

#9 Collarbone Bob with Layers

The collarbone bob is a medium length hairstyle. Considering that some girls are keen on short hair, we recommend this bob to you. It is stylish and voluminous at the same time. The rich layers are cut at the end of the hair to make it look less stagnant and dynamic. You can leave some hair out on the sides and cut a curtain bangs to trim the lines of your face and soften your features. Compared to long hair, collarbone bob is easier to manage.


#10 Spiky Twists

Hairstyles for commuting can sometimes provide inspiration. This spiky twist, for example, may look casual and informal, but it's not. Tie your hair into a ponytail and braid it into a twist, then twist it into a ball and secure it with a hair tie. Leaving a few strands of broken hair, straighten them and spray them with hairspray and you're done. This hairstyle is full of childish fun and looks very lively.

#11 Botticelli Waves for long hair

This curly hair can add a graceful touch to your look. TIt is longer than normal long hair and usually reaches the waist. However, it does not look heavy, but more luxurious and elegant. In winter, chopped hairstyles are very popular. Botticelli waves, however, are unique. Being different is part of its charm. With the arrival of spring, Botticelli waves will gain a lot of popularity. You need to keep the length of your hair and don't cut it short easily. This way, you can easily get this hairstyle. Divide your hair into two strands, braid each into two loose twists and take a nap. Just use a texturizing spray to set the style the next morning.

#12 Soft Layered Bob

Short and sweet is a great go-to for any date night. Show off your glamour this coming spring with a soft layered bob. While winter hair trends lean toward longer, heavier styles, spring tends to be fluffy and lighter. This hairstyle is perfect for those with medium length and dense hair. Check if your hair is very fine before you cut it.

#13 Wolf Cut

For long hair, the wolf cut may be a novelty hairstyle. Unlike other hairstyles for long hair, the wolf cut has some wildness to it. This hairstyle has shorter chopped layers on top and longer chopped layers on the sides and back part of the neck. Note that the hair at the top grows more slowly, so if you decide to change your hairstyle, it's best to wait for it to grow longer. You can talk to your hairdresser and ask him to keep the hair length the same and weaken the high layers in order to fit the contours of your face and features. 

#14 Heart-shaped Knot

This hairstyle is highly creative. The heart-shaped hair knots convey a strong sense of love and add full personality to the hair's appearance. You may think it has some realization, but just the opposite: a few clips and hair strings will do the trick. This Valentine's Day edition of the hairstyle has been added to the collection by many celebrities. Get this kind of hairstyle on this Valentine's Day date and make your boyfriend a fan of yours alone!

#15 Messy Top Knot

Top knot buns have been popular for a long time. It looks messy and fluffy, but is actually very stylish and chic. This hairstyle has been seen many times throughout history and it represents an era. You may watch ballerinas wearing it on videos - that's right, the topknot bun. It is a standardized hairstyle for ballerinas, so it looks very sleek. In daily life, people prefer a more natural look, so there is no need to tie all the hair left on top of the head. You don't need to worry about hair volume, it suits anyone and any hair type. This hairstyle is simple and cute. Start with a ponytail, put your hair up around the bottom of the ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can also choose a hairband to make it look fuller.

#16 Demure Up-do

This is a decent and modest up-do look. If you are hesitating to lighten your hair, don't be so quick to make a decision and try this hairstyle first. A certain amount of skill is required to get this up-do done. But it's all about the Valentine's Day date! Pair it with a strapless dress that will enhance your femininity. You will feel like a princess. And when you and your boyfriend are at a restaurant, he won't be able to stop staring at you instead of the menu.

#17 Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut owes its birth to the hair styles of the 70s and 90s. The voluminous blowout look was quite popular in these two eras. Its name is also in line with reality: when you walk around, the rhythm of your hair will look like a butterfly flapping its wings. The hair on the sides is richly layered and extends outwards, making your head look delicate and small. No matter how long your hair is, you can boldly try this hairstyle and it will never let you down. If you want your hair to look shorter, you can tie it up at the back or secure it to the top of your head with scrunchies. The butterfly cut can reduce the weight of your hair and requires only simple maintenance.

#18 Floral-inspired Ponytail

When you think of Valentine's Day, you definitely think of pretty flowers. So, why not let the flowers brighten up your hair? The flower-like ponytail is very unique as it consists of a braid and twist knot. Use several strands of hair, then twist around each other and weave them into the shape of a flower. That way, from the moment you walk down the street, cars might stop because of your beauty!

#19 Wrap-Around Braid

One of the benefits of twisted braids is that they are easy to work with and take care of around the house. With all the hair wrapped around your head, you can move or sport it as you please. Nowadays, wrap-around and milky braids are becoming more common because they are aesthetically pleasing, but don't get in the way of everyday life. This hairstyle can visually shrink your head. If you need to attend a party, you can accessorize this hairstyle in various ways, such as lace and delicate little crowns.

#20 Fishtail Braid

You may have seen fishtail braids in shows. The fishtail braid is a classic braid that will not go out of style. You can decide the size of the braid volume, the number of braids and the position of the braid on your head according to your personal preference. What an exciting encounter with fishtail braids for Valentine's Day! If someone asks you to dance, he will surely marvel at your temperament!

#21 Glossy Waves

Ever seen a celebrity walk down the red carpet? Are you curious to know what makes them so glamorous? Have the same hairstyle and you're a big success. You can take on the red carpet too, no need to doubt. Big waves have always been the representative of sexiness and it will make you look full of charm.Add some golden highlights to this and you will reap unexpected results. Who wouldn't love hair with smooth lines and lots of shine? If you have straight hair, get out your curling iron. Keep your hair slightly damp, start at the ends, section it off and iron it separately, then spray the ends. Voila! A celebrity is born.

#22 Side-Swept Curls

Side-swept curls will show off your perfect side face, frame your neck, and reveal your delicate earrings. For natural curls, you just need to part your hair sideways with a comb and put hairspray on it; for straight hair, use a curling iron and you'll get natural, wild curls. You can clip a shiny accessory to add some elegance. Your boy will love you as much as he loves car toys.

#23 Sleek and Straight

Last year saw the return of the straight hair trend. There has always been a place in people's hearts for straight hair. Why? The answer is obvious: straight hair is very natural and smooth, and it has the most original look, without being processed. Straight hair with shine hits the spot with many men.You are considered innocent, pure and unadulterated. So, with a sleek straight hairstyle for your Valentine's Day date, you will make your boyfriend unable to take his eyes off you. You can apply some hair care oil to add shine to your hair. Whether you have long or short hair, you can try this hairstyle.

#24 The Rachel

Rachel from the comedy "Old Friends" - a character that fascinated many people for her. What's her special charm? The answer: her fabulous hair. "Rachel" has become synonymous with a hairstyle. The style is richly layered, but not exaggerated. The whole look is fluffy and natural. You don't have to hope your hair to grow fast to try Rachel.

#25 Barbie Bow

No Valentine's Day hairstyle is complete without a bow! Hold on a second, don't rush out and buy a bow-shaped hair accessory, we mean a bow-shaped hair bow (yes, the purely hand-woven kind). If your hair is long enough, but you think it's in the way, you might as well tie it up. However, just a ponytail expresses nothing. Tie the ponytail in a knot and use small clear clips and inconspicuous hair bands to shape it into a bow, and you're done. It is best to leave a few strands of hair next to the ears to give a loose look.

#26 Half Up Pigtails

Remember the hairstyle when you were a kid? When you are still in school, you have seen this hairstyle. That's right, a half up pigtails. You may think it's a hairstyle exclusive to your childhood, but that's not the case. It can also appear in your youth. Take a strand of hair from above each ear and tie it up, while the rest of your hair falls naturally. A cute, sweet half up pigtails is done. 

#27 French Ribbons

French ribbons are the perfect partner to show off your gentleness. Wearing it, you can attract a lot of attention without any effort. There is something magical about French ribbons that make you elegant and literary. It is also very malleable. For example, add ribbon to a high ponytail, wrap it around your hair strand and tie a bow at the top. A youthful and beautiful Valentine's Day hairstyle emerges. If you want to shape the braided look, you can incorporate the ribbon from the beginning of the braid so that it is evenly distributed throughout the hair and looks both stylish and sweet.

#28 Claw Clips

You can see claw clips in almost any setting, right? It's been in people's hair from time to time since last year. Claw clips are available in a variety of materials and styles, and you can match them to your outfit. On Valentine's Day, you just need to keep your hair clean and hold it up with claw clips to make a splash. It's also great for when you're out with friend. They are suitable for all ages.

#29 Various Headscarves

Wearing a bandana will protect your hair from damage to some extent. It can be incorporated into a variety of hairstyles - whether it's a gorgeous long haircut, a dry short haircut, or a playful braid and face-framing bangs. The popularity of the hijab began with the religious beliefs or social customs of certain ethnic groups, such as Judaism. There are many different types and colors of headscarves, so you can pick any one that suits your hair style and mood. It can improve your look and does not require a heating tool.

#30 Bright Hues

Tired of your current hair color ? Try purple and pink hair coloring looks. Purple always looks sexy and seductive, and pink is so sweet.These two colors are perfect for Valentine's Day. Both colors are great for Valentine's Day and make your style stand out. It's like lavender is growing out of your hair and a romantic pink bubble is overflowing around you and your boyfriend. What a heartwarming atmosphere!

#31 Faux Blowout

Valentine's Day is a special day when you and your partner will spend a romantic day together. To enhance the romantic atmosphere, you can try blow-dry hair styling. Blowouts are always sexy and fascinating.If you have long hair to your waist, this hairstyle will become your new favorite. If you have shorter hair, you will have another advantage - the cool style is also popular. The blowout look is definitely king in the wind. It lasts for several hours and doesn't lose its shape easily. Pair it with a backless dress and you'll have everyone swooning over your sexiness.

#32 Old Hollywood Waves

Vintage vibes are in the air and men usually retain a part of the old idea of "beauty", which is why the old Hollywood style is a good idea for any date. Think about what kind of style your dad likes? This charming and mysterious hairstyle is easy to achieve and suits all lengths. Be sure to use a strong hairspray to keep that lovely look in place. You too can be the pretty heroine of a Hollywood movie.

Final Thoughts

We hope these Valentine's Day hairstyles provide you with inspiration. Have other unique hairstyle ideas? Feel free to contact us with your thoughts! If your hair is fragile and breakable, you may also want to consider wearing and styling a wig. If your hair tends to break easily, you may also want to consider wearing and styling a wig. We also offer a variety of wigs, so click on the links below to learn more if you're interested. Wishing you a perfect Valentine's Day story!