How To Get The Perfect Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape?

Release time:2023-08-08 13:40

What kinds of face shapes are there?

Your face shape is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle. It determines the way your hair lays on your face, whether it suits your features, and whether it enhances or detracts from your appearance. The six different face shapes are:

#1 Oval

Compared to other face shapes, oval face has the best proportions. Secretly rejoice! Oval face shapes can accommodate almost all kinds of hairstyles and lengths, except for some particularly exaggerated looks. As long as you don't go overboard with the weird look, you'll have the opportunity to try many haircut and perm types. This is something that people with other face shapes envy. An oval face is longer in length than it is wide, with cheekbones slightly wider than the chin, and the sides of the oval face tend to be rounded in curve.

#2 Square

People with square faces may struggle with the straight lines on the sides of their faces. You have a slightly rounded chin, but the angles are more pronounced. A square shaped face has a strong jawline, and the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all approximately the same width. The forehead of a square shaped face also tends to be square, and the line of your hairline can probably be somewhat sharp.

#3 Round

Round faces have the softest lines of all face shapes. A round face shape is just as wide as it is long, with no defined angles or sharp edges. This face shape often has fuller cheeks, a rounded chin, and a softer jawline. The cheeks of round faces usually protrude slightly to the outside, the forehead's narrower than a square face, and the profile appears semi-circular. Compared to the other five features of your face, your cheekbones are the widest.

#4 Diamond

Diamond shaped faces are notable for their features. A diamond face shape is like an oval but with wider cheekbones and a narrower forehead and jawline. People with this face shape usually have higher cheekbones that expand outward. You have a low hairline. You also have a narrow chin and are sharper compared to other face shapes. Diamond shapes have a strong and defined bone structure.

#5 Heart

A heart face shape has a wider forehead than the jawline, with a sharp and defined chin that creates a heart-like shape. The lower part of the heart shaped faces and the diamond faces are very similar in structure. The main difference is that heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and the higher hairline. In terms of overall appearance, the high and wide cheekbones are the most impressive feature.

#6 Oblong/Rectangular

An rectangular face shape has a face that's longer than it is wide, with a straight forehead and jawline. This face shape often has a longer and thinner appearance. The sides of the face are slightly curved and tend to be straight. The bottom of your chin is flatter, less rounded, and less pointed. Your forehead, cheekbones and chin are almost the same width. This face shape may have a more pronounced jawline.

How to find out your face shape?

The first step to figuring out which hairstyle suits you is determining your face shape. Before we dive into the different hairstyles that suit each face shape best, let's take a closer look at how to determine your face shape. To determine your face shape, follow these steps.

Method #1: Length, width and chin

The easiest way to do this is to look in the mirror and compare it to a reference face shape chart, nothing else is needed.

Step 1: Jaw shape

Turn your face sideways and observe your jawline. If it tends to be rounded or softly curved, your face shape is probably round or oval. Conversely, if it looks sharp or angular, you may have a square face, a diamond face, a heart-shaped face, or a rectangular face.

Step 2: Length and width of your face

After figuring out what type of jawline you have, you need to focus on the length and width of your face. Use a soft ruler to measure the length along the straight line that connects the middle of your forehead, the center of your eyebrows, the tip of your nose, and the peak of your lips. Next, measure the width along the straight line that connects the sides of the cheeks. If the face length is greater than the width, you may have a rectangular face, diamond-shaped face, or oval face. To be more accurate, you can also measure the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline separately.

Method #2: Selfie and tracking

This method is more precise and also more complicated to do. First, you need to take a photo, note that it is a frontal photo. Preferably a clear ID photo. Then print it out and study which shape your face resembles the most.

Step 1: Take a photo

If you have a printed ID photo, ignore this step. If not, open your phone's camera, put it into self-timer mode (no filters or effects), and take a picture of your face. In this step, you should tie your hair up or pin your bangs up to reveal your full face and true silhouette. Keep a suitable distance from the camera to avoid distorting the angle.

Step 2: Connect the dots

Place a piece of clear paper over your selfie. Use a pen to sketch out the lines of your face against the photo. You can mark only the most prominent features with a few dots, such as the hairline and forehead, temples, cheekbones, and chin, and then connect them. You can also make an exact replica from a photo.

Step 3: Determine the shape of your face

Admire your drawing. In terms of detail, observe the trend of the lines, whether they are smooth or steep. Note the length to width ratio and the sharpness of the chin. In terms of the whole, observe the shape of the appearance, whether it is rounded or angular. If the length and width are about the same and have soft lines, you probably have a round face shape; if the length and width differ greatly and have very uneven lines and a sharp chin, you probably have a diamond-shaped face.

Method #3: Make a collage

Maybe you've done the same thing in a craft class. Cut out the images that interest you and bring them together for some artistic inspiration. At this point, you can review this.Cut out pictures of famous people whose faces you think are similar to yours. Cut out pictures of famous people whose faces you think are similar to yours. If you can't find the material, you can go to,, and collect some on social media platforms.

Step 1: Select similar face shapes

Look for old magazines or newspapers at home. You don't have to go buy the latest issue. You don't have to go buy the latest issue. Make the most of what's been sitting around for you! Browse through these magazines and newspapers, sift through them to find the faces that best match your face shape, and cut them out. Your friends may have told you that you look like so-and-so celebrity. Their opinion can also be used as a reference.

Step 2: Organize the photos

Arrange all the photos neatly. Do you see anything in common with these faces? For example, they all have semi-circular foreheads, rounded chins and slightly protruding cheekbones. Then you most likely have a round face.

Step 3: Try the hairstyle in the photo

Once you've determined your face shape, don't throw away the photos. The next time you want to change your hairstyle, you can look to the photos for inspiration.

What hairstyle works best for your face shape?

The basic rule of finding a great haircut for your face shape is to highlight your best features. Regardless of your face shape, it is vital that you choose the right hairstyle. After all, an extra inch here or a smattering of facial hair there can make all the difference.

If you still find it difficult to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape, scroll down and read on. Here are the suggestions for best hairstyles and haircuts for all the mentioned face shapes. So, let's see how to choose a hairstyle.

Hairstyles that Suit Oval Face Shapes

If you have an oval face shape, you're in luck. This face shape is considered the most versatile, as it's symmetrical and balanced. Oval faces suits various hairstyles, but the longer the layers, the more of a possibility that the long layers can drag your face down. Here are some great hairstyles that look particularly fabulous on oval faces:

  • Long, Loose Waves: Soft Waves That Fall Over The Shoulders Emphasize The Length Of Your Oval Face Shape, Creating A Delicate Feminine Look. Use A Large Barrel Curling Iron To Achieve This Look.
  • Long Bob: A Lob That Sits Just Above The Shoulders Can Give You A Sophisticated And Classic Look.
  • Center Part And Bangs: A Middle Part And Light Wispy Bangs Can Frame An Oval Face Shape Perfectly.
  • Pixie Cut: Short Haircuts Like A Pixie Cut Are Bold, Beautiful, And Perfect For Those With An Oval Face Shape.

Do you like short hair and mid length? Then choosing a blunt bob with subtle layers is definitely the way to go. This will amplify the strengths of your features and make your face look sophisticated. If you have long hair, we suggest you use the least amount of layers. Besides the medium parting, the three-seven parting is also very suitable for oval faces.

Hairstyles that Suit Round Face Shapes

For round faces, adding volume and texture is key to enhancing the overall look. This helps to add some dimension to your face, highlighting the necessary lines and giving it a more defined look. You can try cutting your hair in layers, such as short on the sides and long in the back, which will give round faces a more attractive look. However, you should control the length of your hair; hair that is too long will visually stretch your face horizontally. If you have a round face shape, you'll want to choose hairstyles that elongate your face and create the illusion of angles. Here are some flattering hairstyles that will balance a round face:

  • Long Layered Waves: Long Hair That's Subtly Layered Around The Face Helps To Create Angles And Elongate The Face.
  • Side-Swept Bangs: Bangs That Are Swept To One Side Create A Diagonal Line That Gives The Impression Of A More Angular Jawline.
  • High Ponytail: When Styled High And Pulled Tight, A Ponytail Can Create The Illusion Of A Longer Face.
  • Long Bob With Choppy Layers: A Lob That Sits Just Above The Shoulders With Choppy Layers Can Create A Textured Look That Thins Down The Face.

It is especially true that a messy pixie cut is best for a round face. If you have long hair, add some long, staggered layers starting from your jawline. A hairstyle with longer layers will make your neck and face appear more slender. Just try to avoid the short face framing layers unless they start below the jaw. There are a few hairstyles to avoid, such as long, one-size-fits-all haircuts and bob haircuts with thick bangs.

Hairstyles that Suit Square Face Shapes

You can try growing your hair long at the top to soften the sharp angles on the sides. We suggest you avoid center parting or fringe styles, which can emphasize the lines of square faces and the angle of the jaw, destroying the balance of your face and causing your face to look stiff. A square face shape has a bold and confident look, but it can often appear too harsh without the suitable hairstyle. You need to put some more thought into softening the angles of your face, which is the key to dealing with square faces. Here are some best hairstyles that will complement a square face:

  • Soft Curls: Loosely Curled Hair Helps Soften The Sharp Angles Of A Square Face.
  • Long Layered Waves: Long Waves That's Layered Around The Face With Subtle Waves Creates A Softer And More Rounded Look.
  • Side-Swept Bangs Or Blunt Bangs: Bangs That Are Swept To One Side And Are Layered Or Blunt Bangs Help To Create A Diagonal Line That Softens The Jawline.
  • Shoulder-Length Bob: A Shoulder-Length Hair That's Rounded At The Ends Creates A Feminine Look That Softens The Angles Of A Square Face Shape.

In addition, you may consider close fades, side partings and short layers. Lighter, longer hair will also appeal to you. It can soften the straight lines of your face. Avoid loose medium length hair. In short, you need to find a way to shift your attention to your cheekbones rather than your jawline.

Hairstyles that Suit Heart Face Shapes

For heart-shaped faces, medium length and long hair styles are great choices. This will add length to your face. Please do not tie your hair up tight or cut it super short, this will make your forehead look wider and make your chin more pointed. This face shape is elegant and graceful, but it can be tricky to find the suitable hairstyle. If you have a heart face shape, you'll want to choose hairstyles that balance out your prominent forehead and emphasize your cheekbones. Here are some hair styles that will flatter heart-shaped faces:

  • Long Layered Waves: Long Hair That's Layered Around The Face, With Waves That Begin At The Cheekbones Or Jawline, Helps To Emphasize The Cheekbones.
  • Pixie Cut With Wispy Bangs: Short Haircuts Like A Pixie Cut Can Flatter A Heart Face Shape When Styled With Wispy, Layered Bangs That Soften The Forehead.
  • Half-Up Bouffant: Creating Volume At The Crown Of Your Head Helps To Balance Out Your Prominent Forehead, While The Cascading Waves Add Softness.
  • Side-Swept Bangs With A Layered Bob: A Layered Bob That's Chin-Length, With Side-Swept Bangs, Helps To Create The Illusion Of Width At The Jawline, Balancing Out A Heart-Shaped Face.

Plus, a side-parted pixie cut with some texture and short layers on the heart-shaped face frame will be gorgeous, just like a bob or lob, which will ensure a fuller look around your chin. Try to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones with bangs or volume along the sides.

Hairstyles that Suit Diamond Face Shapes

Since this face shape has a narrow forehead and chin and very pronounced cheekbones, you need to choose a look with more volume and texture to compensate for the width. You can add width in specific areas for your face. A voluminous top can conceal the sharp top of your head. Also, long hair is great for diamond-shaped faces; it balances the structure of the face. Avoid trying richly layered hairstyles. This face shape has a strong and defined bone structure. If you have a diamond face shape, you'll want to choose hairstyles that add balance to your features and soften the angles of your face. Here are some best hairstyles that will look fantastic on a diamond face:

  • Long Layers: Layering Long Hair Around The Face Can Help To Soften The Angles Of Diamond Face Shape.
  • Soft Curls: Loose Curls That Begin At The Cheekbones Create Volume Around The Jawline, Balancing Out Diamond Face Shapes.
  • Chin Length Bobs With Side-Swept Bangs: A Chin Length Bob That Sits Just Above The Shoulders With Side-Swept Bangs Helps To Create The Illusion Of Width At The Forehead And Cheekbones.
  • Up-Do Hairstyle: An Up-Do That Includes Soft, Voluminous Curls Or Strategically Placed Braids Will Help To Balance Out The Features Of Diamond Faces.

In addition, a medium layered cut combined with fluffy waves and a deep side parting can create a gentle look. Blow it out with a round brush to create the tousled waves. On the other hand, if you wish to increase the presence of your forehead, don't hesitate to try a ponytail, a look that will provides the look of a more broad forehead.

Hairstyles that Suit Oblong Face Shapes

For oblong faces, very short or very long hairstyles don't work well. Short hair will set your face off even longer, while long hair will make you feel like your face is being stretched. Therefore, medium length hair will be your first choice. It can make your face looks wider. Other hairstyles that increase the width of your face are also worth considering. If you have an oblong face shape, you'll want to choose hairstyles that add width to your face and create the illusion of a shorter face. Here are some flattering haircuts and hair styles that will flatter your oblong face:

  • Side-Swept Fringe: A Side-Swept Fringe Can Help To Balance Out The Features Of An Oblong Face Shape.
  • Wavy Texture: Adding A Bit Of Wave Or Texture To The Hair Can Help To Create Volume Around The Cheeks, Adding Width To Oblong Shaped Faces.
  • Shoulder-Length Cut Style: A Shoulder-Length Style, That's Layered Around The Face With A Slight Wave, Can Create A Balanced And Flattering Look.
  • Short Pixie Cut With Bangs: A Short, Chic Pixie Cut With Side-Parted Bangs Can Beautifully Frame The Face Of An Oblong Face Shape.

If you particularly like long hair, add style with waves, let natural curls run wild and open up your face. Use a flat iron to achieve loose curls. In fact, coiffed hair can also flatter your face shape. Choose a loose, soft, low bun to add some softness to your style. You should opt for soft layers and curtain bangs rather than square or blunt-cut styles. For this face length, you need the kind of bangs that are more fun and versatile.