Relieving Visual Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health Methods

Release time:2023-08-03 13:58

Relieving Visual Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Health Methods

One effective TCM health method to alleviate visual fatigue is foot massage. Massaging the Taixi acupoint, located in the depression between the highest point of the inner ankle and the Achilles tendon, with the thumb in an up-and-down motion for about 3 minutes is beneficial. Another acupoint is the Taichong, located in the depression before the junction of the first and second metatarsal bones on the dorsum of the foot. Massaging this point with the thumb for 3-5 minutes should result in a moderate but not overly intense sensation of soreness and swelling.

A recommended foot bath recipe includes 50g of Rehmannia Root, 50g of Xuan Shen (Scrophularia), 3g of Cinnamon, and 3g of Platycodon grandiflorus. After decocting the herbs with water and letting the water cool to room temperature, soak the feet. Rehmannia Root and Xuan Shen in this formula have tonifying effects on the liver and kidneys, while Cinnamon and Platycodon grandiflorus promote the upward movement of the medicine to nourish the eyes and guide the fire-heat that may lead to dry eyes downward. Avoid soaking the feet in hot water.

Incorporating certain tea drinks can also be beneficial. Green tea, when paired with several wolfberries and a couple of white chrysanthemum flowers or a suitable amount of Earring stone orchid and Ophiopogon japonicus (a herb with good eyesight benefits), creates a refreshing and eye-nourishing health tea. It has a clearing and nourishing effect on the liver and kidneys, and moistens dryness. Adjust the frequency of consumption based on the severity of eye dryness or fatigue for optimal eye nourishment.

For fruits, opt for juicy ones and avoid dry fruits. In TCM, plant fluids are considered similar to human body fluids, so it is said, "like nourishes like." For instance, fresh longan is much better than dried longan. Therefore, whether it's pears, watermelons, grapes, peaches, or sugarcane, they are all good choices.

Regarding diet, Chinese yam is an excellent tonic. Whether cooked in porridge, stewed in dishes, or stir-fried, it is beneficial. Jujube is a good blood tonic; both dried and fresh forms are effective, with a daily intake of 5 to 6 pieces being sufficient. Additionally, foods such as pork liver, lamb liver, carrots, walnuts, black fungus, black soy milk, and black tofu are all nutritious choices for relieving dry eyes.

Avoid certain foods. Although garlic is an excellent seasoning and can aid digestion, its biggest drawback is that it can be harmful to the eyes, so it's best to avoid it if experiencing eye discomfort. The hot nature of chili peppers can increase dryness within the body, exacerbating eye dryness during this season.

Another TCM health method to alleviate visual fatigue is to close the eyes and rest the mind. This practice not only benefits the eyes but also conserves the body's essence and energy from the five organs and six viscera.