Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sweaty Feet

Release time:2023-08-03 13:54

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sweaty Feet

In real life, many people suffer from sweaty feet, especially young adults, and the problem worsens during hot summer months. Sweaty feet naturally lead to foot odor, which can be very bothersome.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sweaty feet are considered a self-protective mechanism for the body to expel dampness and cold pathogens. Therefore, for young adults facing this issue, the focus should not be on trying to stop the sweating, but rather on regularly changing shoes and socks and wearing breathable footwear to avoid trapping moisture.

To treat sweaty feet, TCM recommends addressing the root cause from within the body. If there is an excess of dampness, water retention, or phlegm, dealing with these internal issues will naturally resolve the foot odor. It is essential not to simply use astringent or antiperspirant medications to dry out the feet. If the body loses its natural outlet for excreting pathogenic factors through sweating, these pathogens may manifest in other areas of the body, leading to more severe problems such as asthma attacks, skin conditions, or excessive moisture and sweating in the groin area.

According to TCM, people with sweaty feet should avoid consuming foods that are damp and sticky, such as fruits, raw vegetables, lettuce, and greasy foods. These foods not only carry their own pathogenic factors but also deplete the body's Yang energy. When the body lacks Yang energy, it becomes similar to a place where the sun is obscured by clouds and cannot shine through, leading to the proliferation of moss and fungi.

Individuals with sweaty feet should focus on warming and transforming cold and dampness while cutting off the root cause. They can regularly consume aromatic foods that help dispel dampness. If they are reluctant to consume such foods, they can opt for stronger medicinal herbs like Er Miao Wan, San Miao Wan, or Si Miao Wan. Alternatively, they can use Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills, Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsules, or preferably Huoxiang Zhengqi Water to help transform the internal cold and dampness. During foot washing, adding some dampness-dispersing herbs such as Cangzhu, Tufuling, Bixie, Huoxiang, and Peilan can be beneficial. Making congee with roasted Job's tears (Yimi) is also very effective in treating this type of cold and damp foot condition.

In conclusion, although sweaty feet manifest as a symptom at the extremities of the body, the treatment should focus on the root cause and regulate the functions of the internal organs.