How to Wash Wigs? What Is the Lifespan of a Wig?

Release time:2023-07-31 16:50

How to Wash Wigs? What Is the Lifespan of a Wig?

In today's society, wigs have become an essential accessory in the world of fashionable hairstyles for women. However, there are several issues in the wig industry, such as poor wig product quality, improper wig maintenance, and incorrect cleaning methods, all of which can lead to bad hair quality, difficulty in cleansing, and frequent exposure to water, affecting the lifespan of wigs. Moreover, these factors can result in direct contact between wigs and the wearer's skin, causing some damage. Therefore, it's essential to know how to wash wigs properly. Here, we will introduce some essential products for cleaning wigs, hoping to help a wide range of wig users.

How to Wash Wigs:


Firstly, soak the wig in warm water, preferably at around 40 degrees Celsius. The soaking time should not be too long to avoid damaging the wig's hair quality and affecting its lifespan. It's better to add a little shampoo to the water, as it helps the wig absorb the shampoo better. The soaking time is generally about 20 minutes. Rinse the wig by submerging it in water and gently washing it off. After cleaning, allow the wig to air dry.

Wig Specialized Products:

a) Shampoo containing lanolin: Soak the wig first until it becomes soft, then use the cleaning agent to wash it. This method can effectively remove the strong adhesive scales on the wig's surface and reduce the damage to the wig base to some extent. However, avoid mixing it with alkaline shampoos, as it may lead to poor hair quality.

b) Alcohol-containing shampoo: It is better to use a professional alcohol-free shampoo for cleaning, as it not only won't harm the wig but also reduces the damage to it. However, some alcohol-free shampoos on the market may still have certain safety risks. Therefore, it's essential to choose alcohol-free shampoos specially designed for the wig industry.

c) Shampoo containing silicone or essential oils: Silicone and essential oils are ideal cleaning agents for washing wigs.

Wig Setting Agent and Hair Wax Cleaning:

Before using wig setting agents or hair wax, fully wet the wig and then apply the product evenly on the hair strands. Afterward, press gently on the wig with your fingers, comb it lightly with a comb, and avoid pulling and tugging the wig. If there is a frizzy feeling in the hair strands, massage the wig gently. Finally, wash off the product with warm water. Be careful not to damage the hair strands by pulling the wig too hard. Before using wig setting agents or hair wax, make sure to perform proper care and check for any residues or other issues before treatment. Also, avoid scratching the wig with your hands during maintenance. Additionally, maintain a certain distance between the hair wax and the wig, as any contact may damage the wig. Finally, make sure to rinse off the hair wax thoroughly with clean water, and then apply a small amount of styling gel and hair wax to fully coat the surface. It is recommended to use professional wig setting agents or hair wax products for cleaning! Rinsing the wig directly with warm water can easily remove excess moisture from the hair strands or leave it inside the wig. Using professional hair repair fluids can nourish and protect the wig! This method is very suitable for regular wig cleaning and provides users with a convenient and fast way to shampoo and care for wigs, significantly improving the user experience.