How to wash a wig and how long does a wig last?

Release time:2023-07-31 16:50

How to wash a wig and how long does a wig last?

In today's society, wigs have become an indispensable item in fashionable women's hairstyles. However, there are still many problems in the wig industry. The quality of wig products is not up to the standard, the wig maintenance is not proper, and the wig cleaning is not proper, which leads to the poor hair quality after using the wig products, it is not easy to clean, or the wig often comes into contact with water, etc. All these factors will affect the service life of the wig products. Moreover, these factors will cause the wig products to come into direct contact with the human skin, which will cause certain damage to the users. Therefore, how to clean the wig correctly? Here are some essential items for cleaning wigs, which I hope will be helpful to wig users.

How to wash a wig


First, you need to soak the wig in warm water, generally the water temperature is best around 40 degrees. The soaking time of the wig should not be too long, otherwise it will cause the hair of the wig to be damaged and affect the service life of the wig. It is best to add a little shampoo to the water when soaking, which can help the hair of the wig to better absorb the shampoo. When soaking, you need to soak the wig in warm water, generally soaking for about 20 minutes is enough. When rinsing, it is best to dip the wig in water and rinse it off. After cleaning, you can take the wig to dry.

Wig special products

Shampoo containing lanolin: When using, you need to soak the wig first, wait until it is completely softened, and then use the cleaning agent to wash your hair. This can not only thoroughly remove the scales on the surface of the wig, but also can reduce the damage to the base of the wig to a certain extent. However, it is important to note that it should not be mixed with alkaline shampoo, otherwise it will cause poor hair quality.

Shampoo containing alcohol: It is best to use professional alcohol-free shampoo to clean, which will not damage the wig, and can also reduce the damage to the wig. However, at present, many alcohol-free shampoos on the market have certain safety hazards. Therefore, it is important to choose alcohol-free shampoos that are specifically produced for the wig industry.

Shampoo containing silicone or essential oil: Silicone and essential oil are both ideal cleaning agents for cleaning wigs.

Cleaning of wig setting agent and wax

Before using wig setting agent and wax, you should first soak the wig completely, then apply it evenly to the hair after the wig is soaked, and then gently press it on the wig with your fingers. After applying it evenly, you should use a comb to gently comb it. Do not use a comb to pull the wig back and forth. When the hair is frizzy, gently massage the wig, and finally rinse it with warm water. At the same time, it is important to avoid damaging the hair of the wig by pulling it hard. Before using wig setting agent and wax, you must do a good care job and check if there are any residues or other conditions, and then carry out care. Next, do not scratch the wig directly with your hands when caring, and pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the wax and the wig, otherwise it will damage the wig. Finally, after the wax is washed off, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with clean water, and then apply a little styling cream and spray a little wax to completely wrap the surface. It is recommended to use professional wig setting agent or wax products for cleaning! Washing the wig directly with warm water can easily remove the excess water on the hair, or even leave it in the wig. And using professional hair repair fluid can also nourish and protect the wig! This method is very suitable for users who often wash wigs, and provides users with convenient and fast shampoo and care methods, which can greatly improve the user experience.