How to Care for Wigs to Keep Them Soft and Smooth

Release time:2023-07-28 17:52

How to Care for Wigs to Keep Them Soft and Smooth

Nowadays, many people like to wear wigs, especially for special occasions when wigs offer convenience and speed. However, wigs can look awkward if the hair quality is poor and tangled. Proper daily care is key to keeping wigs in good condition. So how should you care for wigs to keep them soft and smooth?

Tips for Caring for Wigs

  1. Store on a stand

Proper storage is important for smooth wig care. When not wearing, do not leave wigs lying around or fold them. Instead, first comb the wig, then place it on an appropriate stand. This allows the wig to sit naturally and maintains its shape. Otherwise, wig hair can become messy and coarse before the next use.

  1. Brush daily

Wigs need brushing before and after wearing each day, just like real hair. To keep wigs smooth, brush them daily. Avoid regular plastic brushes. Use a special wig brush or your fingers to avoid static.

  1. Wash like real hair

Wigs also need occasional washing, though less often than real hair. Wash gently like when shampooing. Wigs do not produce oils, just collect dust when worn. Wash once a month, or based on wear frequency. For infrequent use, wash once every 2 months. For frequent use, wash biweekly.

  1. Air dry, no blow dryers

Avoid blow drying wigs. The high heat can cause static and frizz. For smooth wigs, pat dry with a towel then air dry in a ventilated, shade area.

  1. Apply wig conditioner

Apply wig conditioner regularly like hair conditioner or oils. All wig types benefit from conditioner to prevent dryness and maintain smoothness. As the roots cannot absorb nutrients, wigs dry out over time too.

In summary, proper storage, daily brushing, occasional gentle washing, air drying, and using wig conditioner helps keep wigs soft, smooth and tangle-free. Thank you for reading!