Can Gold Bracelets and Jade Bracelets Be Worn Together?@human hair wigs

Release time:2023-07-28 17:47

Can Gold Bracelets and Jade Bracelets Be Worn Together?@human hair wigs

It is possible but not recommended to wear them together.

Jade and gold bracelets are not suggested to be worn together since they are made of different materials. Jade is hard but brittle, while gold has lower hardness. Wearing them together can cause clashes and damage the quality and appearance. It is better to wear them separately.

For optimal maintenance, jade and gold bracelets should be worn separately. Jade has high hardness but is fragile. Avoid contact with other hard objects and do not squeeze forcefully to prevent damage. When wearing jade and gold bracelets, pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. As precious items, proper care provides good protection. Handle gently, and remove before sleeping and bathing.

Also avoid contact with chemicals like perfume, shower gel, shampoo and detergent, which can cause discoloration over time. Avoid oil stains too. Wipe clean immediately if very dirty.

Origin of Wearing Jade on Left and Gold on Right

  1. Health - The left hand is closer to the heart while the right is nearer to the liver. Jade's smooth texture is believed to better protect the heart on the left. Long-term wear massages and promotes overall blood circulation.
  2. Warding off evil - Chinese Feng Shui values the left. Jade's pure essence wards off evil energy when worn on the purification hand. Left jade and right gold respectively dispel evil and attract wealth.
  3. Blessings - Durable jade on the less mobile left, gold on the active right. As traditional protective talismans, left jade and right gold beckon fortunes and blessings for a smooth life.

Benefits of Maintaining Jade Bracelets

Long term contact with body oils and sweat makes jade look more transparent and colorful, seeming improved. This is normal - "jade grows more vivid with wear." Like oil on paper that makes it more transparent, moisture brings out jade's colors and transparency. Stored too long, jade loses moisture, cracks and dulls. While physics still applies, different material interactions mean wearing does change jade's looks. Lower quality jade, especially white-based and purple types, will slowly change colors and textures from long-term body contact and lattice changes. Grade A jade often grows greener.