Metal Spinning and its various techniques

Release time:2023-07-07 18:02

Dinnovation metal spinning

Dinnovation metal spinning

What is Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning has been in use for a very long time, from commercial purposes to artistic work to manufacture different formations, shapes and figures of metal parts. Usually these shapes include round, cylindrical, conical or spherical. The procedure used for metal spinning helps to create unique figures and shapes. This means we have more design options for products.

Dinnovation metal spinning

Metal spinning companies usually use different kind of metals for forming different figures that are usually found at our homes, industrial setups, hospitals or military setups. The products manufactured by this process also include food and beverage industries, machinery parts, aerospace parts, oil industry and decorative furniture products. Some of the cookware at home, utensils, gas cylinders, stainless steel cookware is all made from metal spinning techniques. Some of the metals that are used for metal spinning are aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and steel. Some alloys such as inconel and haste alloy are also used to make different products. However they need very high intensities or temperatures to carry out the metal spinning processes.

Dinnovation metal spinning

People know of this process to be used for decorative products and making figurines, but this procedure is used widely in industrial setups to make stronger and high quality parts of metal. Thought the machinery and the initial setup of this process can be a very costly affair, but in the long run it turns out to be cheaper and cost efficient as compared to all other procedures. In this method, there is a flexibility of either mass production of metal parts or a single part. The more the number of parts in a single process, the less is the cost of production per part. To know more about metal spinning, visit

Process and Basic Techniques of MetalSpinning

Metal Spinning companies such as usually carry out the process in either a vertical or a horizontal lathe. In the olden days, metal spinning was carried out by hand, but with the new technology, it can now be performed with CNC or Hydraulic power. The two different procedures that are used in metal spinning greatly depend on how complex the design is. The main procedure is one where a mandrel is used to shape the material. Here the metal is clamped and secured at both the ends for the process to start and then it is spun at a very high speed. This is combined with compression and severe force from heat or air. It is during this process that the metal starts taking the shape or form of the mandrel for creating the design that is desired.

This procedure is not only used for basic designs or processes but is also used for complex designs. As this procedure, is typically used by artisans and experts, other type of experiments have been also combined with this process. This helps in production of complex and unique designs. For example, many experiment with different intensities of pressure and heat for metal spinning. This brings about changes in the overall formation of the object, its texture and also thickness of the metal. Some people add extra tools to get unique designs of different cuts, better finish and ornamentation. Many a times; metal spinning is combined with hydroforming. This process includes using hydraulic fluid at a very high pressure to shape metals to achieve a desired form. This calls for a lot of expertise and so it should be conducted only by experienced personnel who are trained in engineering firm.

In metal spinning we have to mainly consider the designs, the processes and which will allow the expert to make use of different metals. Some of the most widely used metals include sheet metal and aluminum. Both the metals operate very different from the process that is used to the thickness of the objects. However, it is possible to consider other alternative solid materials to produce different result for the metal used.

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