Keep these 3 things in mind that many women do wrong

Release time:2023-11-10 17:11

Keep these 3 things in mind that many women do wrong

Menstruation is unique to women, generally will last 3 to 5 days or so, in the choice of sanitary napkins must be careful, the wrong use of sanitary napkins may cause some diseases, menstrual use of sanitary napkins should pay attention to what?

What should we pay attention to when using sanitary napkins?

1, choose high-quality sanitary napkins at the same time to change frequently

In general, the amount of menstruation in the late period will be significantly reduced, some people in order to save trouble and save money, so they will reduce the frequency of replacement of sanitary napkins, that as long as the choice of good protection function and absorptive sanitary napkins do not need to be replaced for a long time, menstrual blood contains a large number of harmful substances, which provides a good living environment for bacterial growth and reproduction. It is easy to produce obvious odor, try to choose sanitary napkins with good permeability, replace once an hour when the menstrual volume is long, replace once two hours when the menstrual volume is small, use water to clean the vulva every day, keep the vulva clean and sanitary, so as to prevent the production of odor.

2, try not to use sanitary pads

Because of the decrease in menstrual volume in the later period, some people use pads for a long time, thinking that this can keep private parts clean and hygienic, although the use of sanitary pads before and after menstruation is very convenient and practical and clean, but for a long time it may cause gynecological inflammation. The skin of the vulva is very delicate and has high requirements for the environment. If it is closed for a long time, it will be in a humid state, which is easy to breed bacteria and viruses, causing health problems.

3, try to choose cotton mesh sanitary napkins

Now there are a variety of sanitary napkins on the market, try to choose without any fragrance, because it contains less chemical components, and will not bring great stimulation to the delicate genitals, to prevent allergies. Private skin is very fragile, try to choose cotton mesh surface, dry mesh surface absorption is very fast, you put cotton mesh surface is very soft and comfortable, bring little irritation to the skin, and can reduce menstrual blood friction to the skin, thereby reducing allergic reactions.

Warm reminder

In the use of sanitary napkins must be careful, generally two hours to replace once, during menstruation can not sex can not take a bath, but also can not touch cold water, otherwise it will increase dysmenorrhea, in the menstrual period there are various physical discomfort, should go to the hospital in time to do the corresponding examination and treatment, if the delay will aggravate the condition. Usually pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, and can not sit for a long time.