How To Get Ash Blonde Dark Roots With Blonde Bob Wig?

Release time:2023-10-13 17:28

How To Get Ash Blonde Dark Roots With Blonde Bob Wig?

Have you ever tied for the blonde bob wig? Do you want to change the color by yourself. Have you find the color that can fit your skin well? This color is inspired by Rihanna. I watched her video and finnaly find the the color that can fin my own skin tone. Follow me to see the beautiful color turned out.

Prepared Productions: dark ash blonde (2) , light blonde (1), Medium brown (1) AT WALMART

Step 1 Mix the color

The first thing mix all the three of the color together in container and stir it. then you will get the ash blonde color

Step 2 apply the ash blonde color on the blonbe bob wig

I prefer to do color the blonbe bob wig in a quick way. I stuck my hands into then bowl and applied it all over the bob wig. I totally use 3 bottlos of the color and make sure the dye was literally everywhere in this bob wig. Leave a little space on the frontal part just for the dark dye apply in the later. After you appling all the whole head, you can leave the wig for about 15mins. The ask coloring process will takes about 45mins.

Step 2 Apply the dark roots on blonbe bob wig

Now go in with Medium brown darken the root on the head. Using a tooth brush to apply the they dye on the frontal. Using the tooth brush it will be very control. You know where being placed or not. So I denifitly recommend use one tooth-brush or eye lash to darken the roots. You need to do much dark root, just make the dark roots can mix with the ash blonde hair well.

Step 3 air dry

After you applying the mediumbrown on the ash blonde, the leave it within 15 mins. Then soak this bob wig into warm water. Wash this wig carefully, then put the on the Mannequin head and let it air dry.

Step 4 trim this Bob Wig

You can use the flat iron to straighten the hair. If you think the length is a little long, you can cut it by yourself, I am not the professional on cutting the bob wig. However i cut my bob wig in the video, if you are interested, you can check the video.

The color turn out really pretty on this blonde bob wig, I really love it. If you want to see the detailed how i turns out the color

you can check the video