How Is The Glueless Lace Wig Work?

Release time:2023-10-04 14:04

How Is The Glueless Lace Wig Work?

More and more African women choose human hair lace wig to improve their own appearance. However the most they all concerned that is the glue will be harm for their skin as they all wear lace frontal for a long time. Most lace wig on the hair market are needing the glue to make sure it attach on the head. Although we can make the 100% human hair lace wig is healthy to skin, we can not make sure the glue will be safe for the skin. So do you know how to the installed wig on your head without glue? Today we will talk about this top.

The disadvantage of hairspray.

Lace wig glue which is a kind of strong adhesive, it helps the lace wig attach on the head naturally. However, it has many disadvantages that you may do not know it.

1.Hair spray can product the pressure to your skin and scalp which will damage your hair follicles and cause hair problems.
2.Poor quality hair spray will cause allergic reaction. The reaction caused rashes and dry hair.
3.As we all know that the hair spray which is applying close to your hairline, it will reduce your own natural hairline.

How to apply glueless lace wig?

Whatever what kind of your lace frontal wig you got, body wave lace frontal wig or deep wave lace front wig, the most important step is making your own natural hair as flat and smooth as your can. You can braid your own natural hair then wear a wig cap. The color of your wig cap should close to your own skin. It will help you create the natural hairline.

Normally when we got the lace front wig, it comes with 4 combs along with lace wig. 2 combs on the sides, 1 comb in front and the other on in the back. You can sew in more clips on the wig cap on the sections which do you prefer. You can clip the wig cap attach with your own hair. These clips help your lace wig attach on your head perfectly.

Wig tape which is used to attached the lace wig. It won’t as strong as the hairspray. But it did the best instead of products for hair spray. They are easy to remove off and breathable. Apply a piece of thin glue, then remove the protective paper from the wig tape and attach the false hair to the natural hairline. Press it for 5 to 10 seconds to make the wig firm and natural.

Most of the frontal wig comes with elastic bands. You can wear it any time whenever you want. If your lace wig cap size is bigger, you can sew in the elastic band in the back. Through the elastic band, now you can wear and remove your glueless lace wig any time what you want.

However, the most important installation is the install skills. So do you have any methods to install glueless lace wigs. Welcome to share it in the comment.