Four Soup and Porridge Recipes to Beat the Heat

Release time:2023-09-27 15:05

Four Soup and Porridge Recipes to Beat the Heat

As the dog days of summer approach, the hot and humid weather can be tough to handle, especially for the elderly and those with weaker constitutions who struggle to adapt to these external changes. So, how can you quickly adjust your body and make it through the long summer? Lin Yingyuan, a pharmacist from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department at the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, offers some advice. During this season, consider using dietary therapy to clear heat and cool down. Here are four soup and porridge recipes you might want to try:

Pumpkin and Five Bean Porridge

Ingredients: 250g of pumpkin (with skin and seeds), cut into chunks and washed; 100g each of rice, red beans, adzuki beans, mung beans, black-eyed peas, and yellow soybeans, soaked for 1 hour; 5g of tangerine peel.

Instructions: Cook all the ingredients together with water until they become soft. Season to taste and serve.

Benefits: Pumpkin nourishes body fluids and Qi, red beans replenish blood, adzuki beans reduce swelling, mung beans invigorate the spleen and eliminate dampness, black-eyed peas clear heat and detoxify, yellow soybeans invigorate the spleen and strengthen bones, and tangerine peel benefits Qi. This soup/porridge recipe helps to relieve heat, invigorate the spleen, eliminate dampness, and nourish body fluids.

Dual Oat and Rice Porridge

Ingredients: 100g each of barley and oats, 50g each of rice and millet, 1 egg.

Instructions: Cook barley, oats, rice, and millet with an appropriate amount of water until it becomes porridge. Add an egg, and for those who prefer sweetness, add some sugar to taste.

Benefits: Barley has the effect of replenishing deficiency and strengthening blood vessels, benefiting the five organs, digesting grains, and without causing dryness or heat. This recipe can invigorate the liver and stomach and relieve heat.

Winter Melon, Coix Seed, Lotus Leaf, and Duck Soup

Ingredients: 200g of winter melon (with skin and seeds), 50g of coix seeds, 15g of lotus leaf, 4g of tangerine peel, 200g of duck meat, cleaned and gutted.

Instructions: Place all the ingredients in a clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until cooked. Season to taste and serve.

Benefits: This soup nourishes Yin, clears heat, and eliminates dampness while tonifying the spleen and stomach.

Kelp, Bitter Gourd, Soybean, and Spare Rib Soup

Ingredients: 100g of kelp, 200g of bitter gourd, 100g of soybeans, 5g of tangerine peel, 200g of spare ribs.

Instructions: Blanch the spare ribs in boiling water to remove impurities. Then, combine them with the other ingredients in a pot with an appropriate amount of water and simmer until cooked. Season to taste and serve.

Benefits: Bitter gourd is a top choice for "bitter" foods in the summer. It's known as the "king of vegetables" and contains various vitamins and alkaloids. This dietary therapy recipe has the effects of lowering blood sugar, diuresis, and increasing appetite.