Nearly 80 of wigs worldwide are made in China, with prices reaching thousands of dollars. However, why do foreigners love them so much?

Release time:2023-09-13 09:56

Nearly 80% of wigs worldwide are made in China, with prices reaching thousands of dollars. However, why do foreigners love them so much?

In recent years, there has been a rise in domestic brands in China, with many international brands incorporating Chinese elements to avoid embarrassment. But has this trend really spread overseas? Apart from high-speed trains and drones, which technological products have brought in real foreign exchange?

There is one! It is light and flexible, yet it has undergone countless improvements. It has solved the "headache" of countless beauty lovers, and even the American rap queen Cardi B praised it - it is Chinese wigs.

On the cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress, the best-selling products during the 2021 "Double Eleven" period were not only smart home appliances and small household appliances, but also "Xuchang wigs".

This scene is not a flash in the pan. In recent years, the export value of Chinese hair products has been maintained at over 3 billion US dollars, with nearly 80% of wigs in the world being "made in China".

But who is buying wigs from China? Among the more than 120 countries and regions where Xuchang hair products are exported, North America and Africa are the heavyweight buyers.

Due to climate and physiological reasons, the hair texture of Africans tends to be dry and prone to shedding when it grows longer. Therefore, convenient and diverse wigs have become the best choice for styling. It is no wonder that during the pandemic, Cardi B, who hosted livestreams, not only called on her fans to take precautions but also lamented the lack of wig supplies.

According to a report published by the Kenyan hair market platform AfroUrembo, Kenyan women spend up to $500 on their hair each year. Looking at the numbers, it may seem normal, but this is about 20% of the average annual income, which shows that their love for wigs is not just talk.

The 2021 annual report of Xuchang's leading hair products company, Rebekah, shows that more than 80% of its revenue comes from overseas, with the largest proportion being from the Americas (39.32%) and Africa (36.99%).

On cross-border e-commerce platforms, 6 out of every 10 wigs sold globally come from Xuchang, and a transaction is completed every 2 seconds on average. Without Xuchang's products, not only would the shelves be empty, but the hearts of many African women would also feel empty.