Wear-And-Go Glueless Summertime Wig For Beginners Can't-Miss

Release time:2023-06-20 09:35

Wear-And-Go Glueless Summertime Wig For Beginners Can't-Miss

This year wear-and-go wig stands out among many types of wigs. It is characterized by thinness, lightness, simplicity, time-saving, ready-to-go, and beginner-friendly. The Pre-cut wig recently developed by Dorsaneehair makes the wear-and-go feature easier, and the pre-cut lace allows you to spend less time. Let's take a look at the detailed information, the charm of the design, and customer reviews of this pre-cut wear-and-go glueless wig.


The Detailed Information Of This Pre-Cut Wear-And-Go Glueless Wig

Product Name:Dorsaneehair 4x4 Air Wig with Breathable Cap Body Wave Lace Closure Wig Pre-cut Lace Easy to Install Glueless Human Hair Wigs

Hair Length: 14-26 Inch

Cap Size: Average Size (Head circumference:22inches-23inches )

Cap Type: Air Wig Cap, Transparent lace

Lace Size: Capless cap

Lace Size: 4x4 lace

Density: 150%, 180%

Items / Pkg: 1pcs/pack

Hair Texture: Body Wave

Hair Color: Natural Black

Hair Quality: 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.

Characteristics: Body wave is the best-selling product, shiny and bouncy, smooth to the touch.

Processing Time: Ship the order within 48 hours after order confirmation, except for weekends and holidays.

Delivery Time: USPS overnight 2-3 business days; USPS 3-7 business days; DHL/UPS 5-10 business days

Payment Method: PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, ZIP Quadpay, Visa, Discover, etc.

The Customer Reviews

Customers’ comments



it came very fast best ever wow and it's very nice good job Dear Seller The hair came way quicker than expected. it's true to length. I love the lace I didn't have to do anything to it. It didn't have any funny smell, The store had good customer service and I appreciate the fast replies I will definitely order from them again I love this wig!




I needed this wig for a graduation and it came just in time for me to wear (3 days!!) It did what it needed to do.




Love this hair. It's super soft and it's a good value for your money! It came with lashes and other free gifts. The hair is true to length & it holds wave well. Here I am wearing the wig & lashes.I will definitely be purchasing from them again.


Real Wearing Experience And Evaluation About Pre-Cut Wear And Go Wig

Hey guys, today you can see a wear-and-go glueless summertime wig for beginners. This unit is from dorsaneehair hair. I'm glad to share with you guys all the goodies that I received in my package, and I'm also showing you guys the construction of this wig. This is a pre-cut 6x4.5 lace wig, it is a body wave, it's 24 inches and the density is 180%, it has a breathable cap, and has this silicone strip at the back, I guess it will stick to your name the skin back there properly because this unit you do not have to glue it down. For all other details about the hair, you can see above.


Okay, this wig is ready to be thrown on and head out the door, and I will be showing you guys throughout the video like legit I did not apply any lace adhesives like nothing at all. First of all, I don't even glue my wigs down, I just use an adhesive that has been sprayed that's what I usually use, but you don't have to use anything when putting on this unit. This is such a beginner-friendly type of wig because not everyone has the time, you know do all that extra work and stuff like that, some people just want to get a wig to put on and look presentable and head out the door when they're going out the house, so with this wear-and-go wig.


I love how lightweight it is, I love that the cap is breathable cap, it doesn't feel super heavy on the head and your hair like your scalp, your head will feel a bit airy, you won't feel like suffocated or won’t have the feeling of like wearing a hat. But with this wig, it doesn't feel like anything too heavy on my head.


This is a body wave unit, so I am going to throw in some curls for my curling. And I also apply some of my foundation on the lace to kind of tint it, just to make it look good because we are not gluing it down. And honestly, I just applied a little bit of product to the hair because I did want the curls to be kind of loose-ish. I did apply some serum because I want the shine there, and I wanted to hold the curls I did apply some hairspray on it to give the curls a form, but I don't want set curls I kind of want them to be loose, so I did finger comb them throughout.


I was shocked because of the way this wig is sitting on my head without any glues or adhesive, it's just crazy to me, but I just love that it came pre-cut, so that's less work. However I will go ahead and I just cut a tad bit, just trim a little bit of that extra lace that was on there because I found that it wasn't sitting properly on my head. I do love that the strap on the inside is adjustable, so you can tighten that and it will sit firm on your head like this wig ain't gonna move. I would highly recommend to anyone to try it out. Honestly, I'm sure it comes in different hair textures, different styles, and stuff, but definitely check it out. And I love the robe that I got a new robe, I love the color of it and it says Dorsaneehair on it. So you know, a big shout out to them again. I hope you guys enjoyed this hair and click it.



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