How to Preserve a Bouquet for Happily Ever After

Release time:2023-09-08 17:23

Gone are the days of simply hanging a bouquet upside down and waiting for it to dry (and eventually crumble away!). Wedding bouquet preservation is the process of treating fresh or dried flowers to preserve them for posterity. Today’s brides turn to the incredibly talented florists and artists on Etsy to preserve their wedding bouquets as home decor, jewelry, and even sweatshirts that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Fresh flowers are sent off to a seller who will use their own process for drying and preserving the blooms. The wedding bouquet is preserved by pressing the flowers flat and placing them in resin or a frame. This way of preserving wedding flowers provides some additional protection since dried flowers are quite fragile.

How do you preserve a bouquet?

There are several different ways to preserve your wedding bouquet and enjoy it for years to come. The easiest way to save your wedding flowers is to dry the bouquet. Most flowers can be dried simply by hanging them upside down for a period of time. Be aware that the colors of your wedding bouquet will fade as the flowers dry. Dried flowers can also be extremely brittle which means they can crumble over time. To preserve a bouquet with a longer-lasting effect, consider a professional bouquet preservation option like the ones offered by Etsy sellers. From stunning home decor pieces like wedding bouquet serving trays to pressed flower ornaments and custom illustrations of your bouquet, here are some of the ways to preserve a wedding bouquet.

Personalized preserved bouquet frame

Wedding bouquet preservation frame with pressed flowersSHOP: Wedding flower preservation frame from Lily and June Florals, from $275 for 10-inch brass hexagon frame

McKinney, Texas bouquet preservation studio Lily & June specializes in custom pressed flower preservation. Brides with an event more than 30 days in the future can place a deposit to save their spot ahead of time, and this shop also accepts flowers without a reservation.

Tip from the seller: “I prefer to leave flowers in their organic, natural state. This means that over time you may start to see the flowers slightly fade in color.”

Buyer review: “I selected this Etsy boutique the day of my wedding and then mailed out the bouquet two days later; was a great find and I am very happy with the final product. Received it in 1.5 months which was sooner than expected. I even had the chance to approve the final flower arrangement. It also came packaged beautifully and very well protected. Proud to have this to display in our future home.” KD

Good to know: No reservation required | Current production time: 9-10 weeks | Requires fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: McKinney, TX

Pressed flower ornament

Personalized pressed flower ornament to preserve a bouquetSHOP: Custom pressed flower ornament from Sincerely Sage Jo, $93

Sellers Megan and Mitchell began their bouquet preservation shop in Michigan to honor their son Sage Jo. After his loss, the couple received many beautiful flowers that soon began to die. They decided to press the flowers to create an everlasting art piece. Personalization is included with the purchase of each ornament, and the seller points out that each piece is 3.5”x3.5” so large flowers may not fit, but petals from the blooms can still be used.

Tip from the seller: We can accept your older flowers but please know that they will reflect the browning/aging in your final product. It will not look exactly like our fresh flowers look.

Buyer review: “Love how this turned out! We decided last minute we wanted to make something out of our wedding flowers, but we wanted something small and usable. The process was extremely easy. We are so excited to have this on display to remember our special day. Highly recommend!” - KM

Good to know: No reservation required | Current production time: 14-16 weeks | Accepts both fresh and dried flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Flushing, MI

Custom bouquet shadow box

Custom wedding flower preservation shadow box from EtsySHOP: Personalized wedding day shadow box from The Bear and the Bs Co., $49

An ideal wedding bouquet preservation option for dried flowers, this shadow box arrives personalized with the first names of the couple and their wedding date. This thoughtful wedding gift idea for newlyweds provides a spot to place dried bouquet flowers, wine corks, heirloom jewelry, and the bride’s something blue.

Buyer review: “Beautiful! The bride and groom were very pleased! Shipped super fast!” - JH

Good to know: Shop offers gift wrap | Current production time: 1 week

Custom bridal bouquet painting

Custom bouquet painting from EtsySHOP: Custom bridal bouquet painting from Shelby Kregel, from $95 for an 8”x10” watercolor paper or canvas painting

Some flowers, like succulents, can’t be preserved. Because the artist recreates a bridal bouquet from a photograph rather than the actual flowers, this is also an ideal way to preserve your wedding bouquet if your wedding has already happened. A custom bridal bouquet painting is a beautiful bridal shower gift and an ultra-creative item to add to your Etsy wedding registry.

Buyer review: “Shelby did a fantastic job on my custom wedding bouquet painting. I could not be any happier with the quality, turn around time, and how gorgeous it looks hung up in my home. THANK YOU!!!” - MR

Wedding bouquet resin tray

Pressed flower bouquet preservation acrylic serving tray from EtsySHOP: Pressed flowers resin tray from Nadi Resin Art Lab, $249 for 14”x11” tray, including $100 deposit

Located in Irvine, California, this bouquet preservation shop accepts fresh flowers and preserves them in glam acrylic serving trays. Matching coasters are available, as well, to complete your bridal bouquet-inspired serving set.

Tip from the seller: Bouquets with small flowers and greenery are ideal for flower compositions.

Buyer review: “Nadi was so great to work with! I had a million questions and she answered and even re-answered some of them. The tray is absolutely beautiful, and I am so appreciative of the extras she sent. This is such an heirloom to pass on!” - MS

Good to know: Reservations required | Current production time: 3-4 months | Requires fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Irvine, CA

Bridal bouquet bookends

Bridal bouquet bookends to preserve wedding flowers from EtsySHOP: Bouquet preservation bookends from CM Lux Decor, $450 for a set of 2 5-inch bookends, including a $100 deposit

This flower preservation shop in Dallas, Texas, offers a range of ways to display your preserved wedding flowers, from bookends to individual arches and hexagons as well as acrylic trays. Additional add-on items are available with the purchase of another item and include ring holders, jewelry dishes, and coasters.

Tip from the seller: Bright colors such as yellow, orange, blues and pinks tend to stay vibrant. Reds and purples tend to dry darker, more like a burgundy color, while white roses usually dry more off-white or ivory color.

Buyer review: “Wow! I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! I was kept in the loop through the whole design phase, every little change was made until I was happy and it’s literally the most beautiful decor piece I’ve ever had! It means so much to me to have my wedding flowers preserved and I couldn’t be more grateful.” - TR

Good to know: Reservation required | Current production time: 4-5 weeks to provide a mock-up | Fresh and dried flowers accepted | Bouquet preservation shop location: Dallas, TX

Preserved flower whiskey glasses

Preserved flower votive candle holder and shot glassSHOP: Preserved flower whiskey glass from Wild Coast Resin Art, $65 for one glass

Michelle from Wild Coast Resin Art, a bouquet and flower preservation shop located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will encase your treasured blooms in a whiskey glass or votive candle holder using food-grade resin. The seller also offers unique bouquet preservation items like a preserved flower table and letter keychains.

Tip from the seller: White calla lilies and lisianthus flowers will turn yellow. Some flowers like hydrangea, orchids and roses will show translucent spots once placed in resin.

Buyer review: “Beautiful work, clear instructions on how to pack flowers for shipping, clear communication and plenty of updates throughout the process, fast shipping. Could not have asked for a better experience and the end product is amazing quality!” - CM

Good to know: No reservation required | Current production time: 3-4 months | Fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bouquet display block

Wedding bouquet preservation blockSHOP: Wedding bouquet preservation block from Peachie Studios, from $150 for a 4”x3” block, including $100 deposit

When you purchase a wedding bouquet tray or a bouquet display block from this southern California flower preservation shop, you have the option to add on an oval trinket dish that doubles as a ring and jewelry holder for your dresser.

Tip from the seller: Do not leave the resin under direct sunlight for extended periods of time since UV rays can cause fading of the flowers.

Buyer review: “Beautiful preservation! Winnie was incredible and communicated with me every step of the way. So happy to have found someone who truly cares about their craft. Extremely happy that I get to look at my wedding bouquet every day.” - SN

Good to know: Reservation required | Current production time: 10-12 weeks | Requires fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Santa Ana, CA

Preserved bouquet art

Framed wedding flowers from EtsySHOP: Pressed flower bouquet preservation art from Dotey Blooms, from $275 for 11”x14” frame, including $50 deposit

In addition to solid oak frames, Dotey Blooms, a custom pressed flower artist located in California, also offers floating frames that can be stained black, gold, or rose gold. This shop can also include a photograph or invitation in your wedding bouquet framed art, simply note this request when you order.

Buyer review: “The owner, Julia, went above and beyond. She answered my questions in a timely manner, and was oh-so-kind! She pressed my wedding bouquet and it turned out stunning! The turnaround time was faster than I anticipated, and everything was packaged with care and attention for safe travels. I am so excited to forever have a piece of my special day hanging on my wall, all thanks to Dotey Blooms!” - CV

Good to know: Reservation required | Current production time: 6-8 weeks | Requires fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Ventura, CA

Preserved wedding bouquet art with invitation

Bouquet preservation frame with wedding invitation from EtsySHOP: Custom pressed flower art from Stag Ridge Mercantile, from $150 for an 8”x10” frame, including $75 deposit

Create a custom commemorative piece of art that features your preserved bouquet and a wedding invitation or one of your favorite wedding photographs. This Tennessee wedding bouquet preservation specialist uses multiple drying methods, specific to the flower type, to optimize preservation and color retention, and accepts local drop-offs.

Tip from seller: Florals press best when fresh. The seller recommends delivering the flowers within 4 days of your event.

Buyer review: “Anna was an absolute pleasure to work with. I decided to do something with a meaningful flower arrangement pretty last minute and she was able to get more of the flowers I wanted to incorporate since most of mine were unusable. She was quick to answer my emails and updated me every step of the way.” - SG

Good to know: Reservation required | Current production time: 8-10 weeks | Requires fresh flowers | Bouquet preservation shop location: Blountville, TN

Dried bouquet resin wall art

Dried flower bouquet preservation wall art from EtsySHOP: Dried flower botanical wall art from Fina Florals, from $350 for 8”x20” frame

Enjoy each bloom in your wedding bouquet individually with a custom botanical art frame from this Virginia flower preservation shop. The flowers are encased in resin and retain some three-dimensional pop.

Buyer review: “The final product was amazing, the seller was very communicative and a wonderful artist!” - TH

Good to know: No reservation required | Current production time: 2 weeks | Fresh or dried flowers accepted | Bouquet preservation shop location: Bristol, VA

Custom embroidered sweatshirts

Personalized wedding bouquet sweatshirt from EtsySHOP: Custom embroidered bouquet sweatshirt from Baby Blooms Clothing Co., from $160

Turn your flowers into a wearable work of art with this wedding bouquet sweatshirt! The seller uses a picture of your bouquet to create a custom embroidery design, and additional personalization like your wedding date can be added to the sleeve.

Buyer review: “I ordered this sweatshirt as a keepsake of my wedding bouquet & included my anniversary on the sleeve! Holli was amazing to work with and the order shipped very quickly. The quality of the sweatshirt is great and the stitching is absolutely beautiful! I will treasure this forever. Highly recommend.” - MM

Wedding bouquet embroidery

Custom wedding bouquet embroiderySHOP: Wedding bouquet embroidery from Carmen & Leo, from $188

Cotton is the traditional anniversary gift for year two, and flowers are the fourth anniversary gift. Created from a photograph and then hand-embroidered, this custom embroidery piece is a sentimental spin on both milestone anniversary gifts.

Buyer review: “Beautifully done! I gave this to my wife as a fourth year wedding anniversary gift and she absolutely loved it. High quality and truly does look just like her wedding bouquet. Worth every penny.” - CL

Flower keepsake jewelry

Dried wedding flower bracelet from EtsySHOP: Keepsake flower bracelet from My Memories in Bloom, from $43

This shop turns dried blossoms from significant events like weddings, memorials, and anniversaries into jewelry like bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklace pendants. Each piece requires only a small amount of petals, and flowers can be dried or fresh when sent to the seller.

Tip from seller: Remember when taking measurements that the bracelet chain must fit your fist, not your wrist.

Buyer review: “My expectations were far exceeded. The quality of everything is top notch, the color arrangement is beautiful and complementary, and everything was finished and delivered over a month early!” - JM

Good to know: No reservation required | Accepts dried flowers | Current production time: 5-6 weeks | Bouquet preservation shop location: Newburgh, IN

Custom flower ring

Dried flower rings from EtsySHOP: Custom flower ring from Lathe of the Land, $110

Send your wedding flowers to this California-based artisan and he’ll inlay them into a wood or tungsten ring. This design only requires about one rose-worth of petals, making this a great wedding bouquet preservation idea if your blooms have been damaged in any way.

Buyer review: “This was the perfect way to keep-sake an item from our 15 year anniversary/vow renewal. My bouquet was encased in two new wedding bands. Just beautiful and super quick shipping. Could not love it more! I highly recommend.” - AW

Good to know: No reservation required | Accepts dried flowers | Current production time: 3-4 weeks | Bouquet preservation shop location: Santa Cruz, CA

Dried flower jewelry pendants

Dried flower pendants from EtsySHOP: Custom jewelry pendants from Ann + Joy, from $22

This Florida flower preservation artist offers an array of jewelry pendant shapes and sizes that can be used to preserve your bouquet. Each pendant requires a small amount of petals, so one bouquet can be used to make many different designs if you’d like multiple pendants, for yourself or as a keepsake gift for your bridesmaids.

Buyer review: "I am so happy with the results. I had my flowers on display in my house for over 15 years and wanted to have a better way to enjoy them. I am going to use this incredible pendant as an ornament on my Christmas tree. I also had a bracelet made from the same flowers! I am amazed that the results and so happy." - MD

Good to know: No reservation required | Requires only a few petals | Bouquet preservation shop location: Miami, FL

Custom ring holder

Custom ring holder with preserved wedding bouquet flowersSHOP: Custom ring holder with dried flowers from Golden Petals Boutique, from $60

An affordable option for preserving a wedding bouquet, this ring holder is available in three sizes and will be made using your dried wedding flowers. The seller provides details on how to dry your own flowers before sending them, and will accept live wedding bouquets for preservation in Georgia.

Tip: Choose a ring holder size based on the flowers you’ve dried. A small ring cone from this shop can only fit spray roses, not full-size roses.

Buyer review: “Exceeded expectations. My bouquet was kind of brown by the end of drying (a lot of white flowers and green leaves) but the flowers included in the ring holder looked lovely and I have gotten so many compliments on the holder.” - KB

Good to know: No reservation required | Dried flowers only | Current production time: 2-4 weeks | Bouquet preservation shop location: Alpharetta, GA

What you should know about wedding bouquet preservation

As you consider the different ways to preserve your wedding bouquet, here’s what you can expect: Many sellers require a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in their queue. This way, they know when to expect your bouquet and can work with your fresh blooms as quickly as possible.

Listing prices for fresh flower preservation items do not include the cost of shipping your bouquet to the florist. Sellers recommend mailing your bouquet as quickly as possible, so you may need to enlist help from a friend if you’ll be leaving on a honeymoon.

Look for local sellers by using the Shop location filter. Bouquet preservation florists near you may offer a drop-off option. Generally, extra flowers are not returned to you, but some shops do offer this option for an additional shipping fee. Local sellers may offer a pickup option.

Because each bouquet preservation gift is a custom item, returns are generally not accepted. Etsy shops share their return policies on their listings, and in the rare case something goes wrong, [Etsy Purchase Protection](] has your back.

Here are a few more common questions about preserving wedding bouquets:

How much does it cost to preserve a wedding bouquet?

The cost of wedding bouquet preservation typically includes shipping costs to the florist, the cost of the florist’s services and the size of the final item. Bouquet preservation keepsakes begin around $40 for a personalized wedding shadow box that you can place your dried flowers in at home. Options using fresh flowers, such as bouquets preserved in resin serving trays typically begin around $250, not including the cost of shipping a bouquet to the florist. Shipping costs are variable, and most shops recommend using the fastest shipping service available (like overnight shipping).

How long does it take to preserve a wedding bouquet?

Once a bouquet is received by the florist, the process of preserving a wedding bouquet can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. Many shops recommend making a reservation ahead of time, once you know your wedding date. Items made with already-dried flowers can be made more quickly than items that require the florist to dry the flowers first.

What kinds of bridal bouquets can be preserved?

Both fresh and dried flowers can be preserved to retain their beauty. Fresh flowers will fade a bit during the drying and preservation process, but will generally retain more vibrancy than flowers you dry at home and then send to a florist.

If you no longer have your wedding flowers, artists on Etsy can recreate their beauty in a custom bouquet painting using just a photograph.

How do you prepare a wedding bouquet for preservation?

Some shops prefer to work only with dried flowers and will provide you with instructions on how to dry your bouquet at home. Shops that work only with fresh flowers will explain this in their listing details and provide instructions for how to quickly ship your flowers to them after your event.

Is it too late to preserve wedding flowers?

Many shops on Etsy work with dried flowers and can incorporate them into resin home decor like coasters or framed artwork. An acrylic bouquet painting or an embroidered bouquet sweatshirt are sentimental ways to preserve a bouquet you no longer have.