Find your Perfect Fit Wig

Release time:2023-09-06 14:43

It is important to consider the body shape and volume of your natural hair to ensure accurate size selection.

Petite: About ¼” to ½” smaller in girth and depth than Average

Average: About ¼” to ½” in girth and depth than Petite

Large: About ½” in girth and depth than average Each full cap wig has adjustment options inside the wig cap (velcro or soft snap sized tabs) that can stretch or shrink the circumference up to 1 inch for maximum comfort.

Our wig has two hooks, which can adjust the size of the wig. These sit on the neck and can be adapted to different head sizes.

Adjust the fit by hooking the plastic hooks into the grooves on the back of the wig.

For larger head sizes, use the outermost notches. Medium to small heads use the middle notch, and very small heads use the innermost notch.

Our hats are sized to accommodate most head sizes from 21″ to 23″. It is very important that your wig fits your head well. A good, comfortable fit is essential, especially if you wear the wig for extended periods of time.