What Size and Length Closure Should You Get: Everything You Need to Know

Release time:2023-08-30 15:25

What is a closure?

Closures are a type of wig or hair extension wherein you place them on the middle of the scalp. People primarily use these hair extensions to have a middle or side part. Some people wear closures rather than wigs or other types of hair extensions because this is easier to maintain and wear. However, it is commonly added to a sew-in or woven hair.

Closures can either be bought separately or come in a bundle with a sew-in wig or hair extension. People can sew in this hairpiece to their hair or wig, glue them, or even use a strong double-sided tape to place it. Closures can be confused with another hair extension, the frontals.

Frontals are almost similar with closure in terms of use, application, and bases. Rather than covering the middle of the scalp, frontals go around your forehead and hairline. Frontals are more versatile, and the wearer can make more hairstyles with this. However, they are more challenging to wear, especially by oneself.

What are lace and silk bases?

There are two main types of closure, lace and silk base. Silk base closure is more popular than lace-based since it gives a more realistic look. It also makes the parting of your hair more natural-looking. You may choose from a lighter or darker base to mimic your scalp tone. However, it is thicker than the lace base, making it not fit everyone. 

Laced closures are more flexible and will fit any head easily. The strands of hair closure are attached to a lace base, which has a woven grid line. They are not as thick as the silk base, which means there is less heat in your head, and the lace closure will not trap hair products in it.

The downside is if you do not know how to wear it, the grid lines will be noticeable, and you will have to bleach it. 

What closure size should You get?

Now that you know how the length closure works, ask yourself whether you want your partings longer to your back, or do you want to keep it short, and where do you want to part your hair. The advantage of the more extended length closure, such as 7 inches x 7 inches, is that it allows you to go further back, which is excellent if you want to make some pigtails.

However, if you want your partings to be shorter, do not go for a more extended length closure. The longer your parting is, the more realistic it would look. And so, if you bought a closure with long length, but you do not intend to part it up to the back of your head, it will look like a wig. But what you think is just suitable for the parting you would want.

What length of closure should You buy?

Now that you know the different closure lengths, it is time to decide what to buy. You must always consider how long your hair is or consider the length of the bundle you want to buy. You might already be wearing a wig or hair extension but then decide that you want to add a closure or frontal. You may use a tape measure to measure the length of your hair.

As much as possible, partner the material to the hair of the wig you are wearing to blend. The same goes for wearing the closure on top of your natural hair. Measure your hair and compare it with the chart for closures. Find natural hair rather than synthetic to match your hair quality. Consider if your hair is straight or curly since the length might differ if your hair is curly.

If you are unsure of what works for you, you may ask some professionals to help you choose. If you are planning to wear a wig, they might give you a perfect idea that will go with your closure. Salons offer services like this, and they may also install them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Think of what you want to achieve. Are you okay with just a natural parting on your hair, or are you more adventurous with hairstyles? Also, consider how well you think you can install it and maintain the hair extension. The bigger the size, the harder it is to apply. 

2. What is better, silk or lace base?

Go with the silk base if you want a more natural scalp look. However, it might make some head shape look like a hump. The lace base is more flexible and more excellent for all hairstyles. You have to bleach the roots to make them more natural. 

3. How to choose the correct closure size for my head?

It is essential to measure your head to know where a specific closure size will fall. You want the closure to reach the temple to temple as a standard size. You may go more comprehensive if you wish to have more parting options and extended.