Finding the Perfect Fit: Wigs for Small Heads

Release time:2023-08-28 14:53

Finding the right fit is essential to achieve a natural and comfortable look when purchasing wigs. Inappropriate wigs can appear bulky, uneven, and uncomfortable. For ladies with smaller heads, they are often struggle to find wigs that sit snugly and look natural. Fortunately, there are several options suited for small heads. In this blog, we will explore ideal wig types and hairstyles for ladies with small heads.

human hair wigs for small heads

Do Wigs Come In Different Sizes?

Yes, wigs do come in different sizes to accommodate the varying head sizes of individuals. Just as people have different body shapes and sizes, the same applies to the sizes of their heads. To ensure that wigs fit comfortably and securely, wig manufacturers offer wigs in various sizes, including:

Petite Size(20 to 21.25 inches): This size is specifically designed for individuals with smaller head circumferences. 

Medium Size(21.25 to 22.5 inches): This is the most common wig size and fits the head measurements that are closest to the people average. Many wigs are designed to fit this size.

Large Size (22 to 24 inches): On the other end of the spectrum, large wigs are designed for individuals with larger head circumferences. 

This article will help you to know how to meaure wig length and size in details: Wig Length and Wig Size Guide.

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Finding the Perfect Fit: Wigs for Small Heads

Tips: People with small heads and petite faces can pull off most hairstyles, but they better avoid hairstyles that cling closely to the scalp or long and straight black hair. These choices could create an illusion of lower volume or a slightly flattened hair look overall. Here are the most popular wig types for people with small heads: 

1. 3D Dome Cap Wig for Small Heads
The 3D dome cap wig is a fantastic option for individuals with smaller heads due to its elastic adjustable straps and snug fit. You can adjust the elastic strap to fit your head size. The dome cap is designed to wrap to your human head dome shape, providing a secure fit without feeling overly tight. This eliminates any extra bulk, ensuring a natural look that is tailored to your head size. In addition, the CurlyMe brand's 3D dome cap wig uses breathable nylon mesh material, which makes it more comfortable to wear while ensuring the scalp is comfortable.

2. Bob Wig for Small Heads
Bob wigs are a classic and popular wig type for people with smaller heads due to their shorter length. The short bob style can frame the face elegantly, drawing attention away from the head size. This type of wig is also easy to manage and style, making it a practical and stylish option.

3. Headband Wig for Small Heads
A headband wig is an excellent choice for those with small heads because it offers a comfortable and secure fit without needing wig glue or wig tape. The headband serves as an anchor to secure the wig in place, and can be tightened or loosened to accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a snug and custom fit for individuals with smaller heads.

4. Colored Wig for Small Heads
Colored wigs are especially suited for small heads. Vibrant hair shades divert focus and add a touch of uniqueness, making the overall appearance more visually appealing and lessening any concerns about head proportions. If you're not keen on dyeing all of your wig hair, you can also consider trying highlights, skunk stripe, or ombre effect to visually add volume and create an eye-catching look.

5. U Part Wig for Small Heads
The U-part design features an opening at the top in the shape of a "U," allowing you to leave out a portion of your own hair to blend with the wig. U-part wigs come with adjustable straps or hooks that allow you to customize the fit according to your head circumference. This feature is especially valuable for those with smaller heads, as it ensures a secure yet comfortable fit without any excess material.

6. V Part Wig for Small Heads
The V-part wig closely resembles the U-part wig in appearance. The most significant difference lies in the shape of the opening; the V-part wig features a V-shaped opening, allowing for a smaller amount of leave-out hair. This type of wig is particularly well-suited for individuals with thinning hair, as compared to the U-part wig.

7. Lace Wig for Small Heads
Lace wigs in the market usually come with adjustable straps and combs inside the cap. This allows you to adjust the wig's circumference to match your head size comfortably. For those with smaller heads, this feature ensures a secure fit without any discomfort from excess material. Moreover, many lace wig brands offer custom sizing services. For instance, brands like CurlyMe Wig provide the option to customize lace wigs based on your head circumference and desired wig density.

8. Pixie Cut Wig for Small Heads
For those looking to embrace a short and chic look, the pixie cut wig is an excellent match for small heads. Its short length adds a sense of proportion, and the modern style exudes confidence. The pixie cut wig is hassle-free and requires minimal maintenance, making it perfect for individuals on the go.

Wig Hairstyles for Small Heads

1. High Ponytail with Side Part
ponytail hairstyle for small head
2. Bob Hair with Fringe Bangs
bob with bangs for people with small head
3. Side Part Body Wave Hair
side part wavy hairstyle
4. Double Low Buns with Baby Hair
low two buns for small head lady
5. Trendy Y2K Messy Buns
y2k trendy messy buns
6. Chocolate Brown Bob with Half up Half Down
brown fall color bob wig
7. Headband Wig with High Bun
high bun hairstyle for small head


With the wig types and hairstyles for people with small heads mentioned above, achieving an effortless well fit look. Shop at CurlyMe online store, buy now and pay later. Just try it!