What Hairstyles Suit a Large Face? 5 Best Medium-Length Haircuts Perfect for Full-Faced Ladies, a Must-Have for Slimming the Face!

Release time:2023-07-28 17:55

What Hairstyles Suit a Large Face? 5 Best Medium-Length Haircuts Perfect for Full-Faced Ladies, a Must-Have for Slimming the Face!

Fairy Perm:

The "Fairy Perm" is the trendiest hairstyle in the entertainment industry this summer. Even female celebrities, who are usually afraid of wearing the same outfit, are now embracing this style. The Fairy Perm features natural curls with a lazy and enchanting "tipsy" feel.

With the Fairy Perm, you can achieve a beautiful and ethereal look, and it suits all face shapes, whether you have long or short hair. It can even help disguise prominent cheekbones and other facial imperfections, making it an ideal choice for everyone!

Chin-Length Bob:

Short hair has also become increasingly popular, perhaps due to its attractive appearance and easy maintenance. Currently, the chin-length bob is all the rage. To add a trendy touch to the chin-length bob, you can consider getting a thin, bangs-like section of hair falling gently in a zigzag pattern, paired with a slightly inward curl. This will help conceal any flaws and create a neat hairstyle that highlights a small face, adds elegance, and is suitable for round faces, square faces, and those with larger faces. It looks great when paired with a slightly vintage makeup and outfit.

French Bangs with Shoulder-Length Hair:

About 90% of round-faced girls have a fuller face shape. These girls are more suited to sweet and gentle styles. For those with shoulder-length hair and a round face, a wavy hair end with airy French bangs is the perfect choice. It is especially flattering for those with larger faces, creating a slimming and youthful effect. However, it is not recommended to get a permanent wave for the bangs. To achieve the airy French bangs, just use a curling iron or hairdryer on them. Pairing this hairstyle with a natural hair color will enhance the innocent and pure vibe.

Princess Cut for Long Hair:

For girls with large faces, short haircuts are undoubtedly more suitable. There is a design technique called the "cover-up method," which uses hair to cover up a larger face, visually creating a smaller appearance. The Princess Cut hairstyle is a classic example of this slimming technique for the face.

By using bangs and hair on both sides to conceal the larger face, it achieves the visual effect of a much smaller face. It gives the illusion of a small V-shaped face, making it particularly popular among those with larger faces.

Messy Bun:

If you don't want to change your hairstyle, you can opt for a messy bun. This look is refreshing and adorable, and even if you haven't washed your hair, it won't be noticeable. It's an eye-catching and chic hairstyle.

To make the messy bun look even better, gently loosen the strands of hair at the front of your forehead. This will create a clean and elegant neckline, making it charming and cute. The few strands of hair falling on your forehead give a playful and adorable vibe. This elegant updo is perfect for showcasing your ordinary beauty.

Alright, that's the end of our introduction to several hairstyles that can make your face look slimmer and more youthful. If you have a larger face, pick one of these hairstyles and enjoy the slimming and stylish transformation that will instantly give you a small V-shaped face!